BBE EQA131 Equalizer

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An equalizer that delivers the precise EQ you need to handle the entire spectrum of applications.

The single-channel BBE EQA131 Graphic Equalizer is equipped with 31-bands with variable low-cut and high-cut filters and 1/3-Octave ISO spacing from 20Hz to 20KHz. The bandwidth of each filter is perfectly balanced”narrow enough to prevent unwanted interaction, yet wide enough to deliver exactly the type of correction curve demanded by even the most unusual acoustic surroundings.

Special features on the BBE EQA-131 include selectable range ±6dB or ±12dB, balanced XLR and TRS input/output connectors, RFI filters, variable level control, passive bypass and ground lift switches, and a Peak LED.


  • Constant-Q filters
  • Variable low-cut filter from 10Hz to 250Hz (12dB/octave)
  • Variable high-cut filter from 3kHz to 40Hz (12dB/octave)
  • Boost/Cut range switchable 6dB or 12dB
  • Balanced XLR or TRS input/output connections
  • RFI filters
  • Variable Level control
  • True hardwire bypass
  • Clip indicator
  • Ground lift switch
  • Line voltage switchable between 115 and 230 VAC operations
  • 5-year warranty