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The world has benefitted greatly from the many leaps and bounds made in digital technology, and musicians and sound engineers can certainly attest to that. For plenty of examples, all you have to do is browse IK Multimedia's extensive catalog of professional audio equipment, and you'll agree that high-quality recording gear has never been so compact, accessible, and affordable. From MIDI interfaces and keyboards to complete software bundles, this selection is loaded with products that are compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPad touches for music production and live performance purposes.

Whether you're a guitarist in a touring band or a stay-at-home audiophile with their own recording setup, IK Multimedia has something for anyone who wants to share their musical creations with an audience. Speaking of guitarists, any strummer would be happy with the iRig HD Studio-Quality Guitar Interface for iOS/MAC. Delivering a crystal-clear digital input signal no matter where you are, this guitar interface makes it possible to hone your skills on an iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini, and the sound quality is nothing short of stunning. Additionally, the iRig HD also comes with a USB cable, so you can plug into your Mac laptop or desktop computer, and keep jamming away.

IK Multimedia also specializes in speakers, and the iLoud Wireless Bluetooth Portable Studio Monitor is ideal for musicians on the road. Boasting exceptional power and incredible low-end, the iLoud is a studio-quality monitor that allows musicians to make accurate mixing decisions with recordings made on their iPhones or iPads. Whether you're an intricate jazz plucker or a screaming metal vocalist, the iLoud will have listeners convinced that your recordings were produced in a first-class recording studio.

Of course, with so many choices to pick from, your best bet is to take your time and explore everything in this section individually. Whatever catches your eye, just remember that IK Multimedia takes pride in offering a wide range of pro audio gear to musicians of all tastes and budgets; gear that takes full advantage of this digital age, as well as today's lifestyle of instant gratification.