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Fast chord progressions without extensive music theory knowledge.

Whether you have no formal training or you are a high-level keyboard player, AutoTheory provides the tools to enhance your musical output. Based upon multiple patented elements, the external MIDI mapping software for Mac and PC raises the bar for composition related software.

The Melody Lock function allows any user to easily play matching melodies over any chord progression. This empowers those without a great deal of music theory experience to play at a high level. The Chord Editor function provides more advanced users with a new degree of control over every tone within every chord that they define. This enables users to play any chord that they can imagine with the selection of a single key. Unlike other chord generator or arpeggiation programs that provide half-way solutions, AutoTheory provides all users with a fully dimensional system for improvising quality music in real time.


Acts as a bridge between your MIDI controller and virtual instruments
Play through a variety of chords using single keys
Great for beginners or for fast chord progression experimentation
Play matching melodies over any chord progression
Record actual chord MIDI data instead of single MIDI notes

Experiment with new and exciting chords and progressions.