PC AUDIO LABS Rok Box MC m5 15" Notebook PC

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High-performance laptop PC streamlined for audio production, with Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB memory.

The Rok Box MC m5 from PC Audio Labs is part of an extremely fast and efficient line of audio computers aimed strictly at the task of high-performance audio production. Designed to fit your unique workflow, the Rok Box series is made to accommodate many types of music software and music hardware. The entire Rok Box MC line feature powerful Intel processors that will change the way you make music by providing the power for more plugins and lower latency. Your music just got better with Intel. Fine-tuning of the operating system, hardware and system setup give Rok Box MC as much as an 80% improvement in performance over off-the-shelf PCs, while dedicated system and audio hard drives keep your files streamlined and guarantee smooth, consistent results everyday. The Rok Box MC m5 is a portable and stylish 15 laptop version of the series.

Chart topping performance with Intel' Core i5 Mobile Processor
Intel' next generation Core i5 Mobile processor tops the charts for audio processing, power and performance in a single processor design.

Integrated Memory Controller
New for the Core i5 Mobile processor is a built in memory controller. Using two channels of DDR3 memory connected directly to the processor helps to lower latency, speed up rendering, reduce sample library load times, and improve overall system responsiveness.

Fast, Efficient, Smart Cache
Cache is a smaller, faster memory inside the processor and it stores the most frequently used memory tasks. Rather than have a separate cache per processor, Smart Cache dynamically shares 100% of the total available cache with each processor to improve overall performance.

Direct Media Interface (DMI)
DMI is a very efficient point-to-point, bi-directional connection between the processor and the HM65 chipset, the hard drives, USB ports, eSATA, ExpressCard, network, and any other devices and peripherals connected to the computer. The Rok Box MC m5 has a DMI speed of up to 2GB/s.

Rok Box MC m5 with 4GB gives you all-access to more memory
Windows 7 64-bit opens the door to using more than 4GB of system memory. Load up all the sounds you want and then add some more, just because you can.

Your 64-bit instruments will thank you
Virtual Instruments that use a file-based sound library work by loading the beginning of a sound into system memory. Complex sound libraries are capable of loading up to 300+ voices into memory. With Windows 7 64-bit and 8GB, Rok Box MC m5s ensures that playback happens smoothly from the first note all the way up until the final fade out.

15.6" Full HD Display with secondary video output
See more of your projects and stay organized! Add a second screen using the HDMI or VGA port on the Rok Box Mobile MC and organize your DAW windows any way you please!

NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with Optimum Technology
The power of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics chip with 1024MB of video memory make audio editing a breeze with the Rok Box Mobile MC and it's beautiful 1920x1080 LED backlit screen with Super Clear Glare Type screen technology.

Hard Drive Storage
Smooth playback is what Rok Box MC m5 is all about. Rok Box MC m5 comes with one hard drive to keep your files streamlined and guarantee consistent results everyday. 320GB System Hard Drive with Windows 7 installed. All software titles should be installed to this hard drive as well.

Increase storage with eSATA. It's external, but just as fast
eSATA gives you the ability to add external storage for audio or sample libraries without sacrificing the transfer speeds found with internal hard drives.

eSATA fills your needs as a musician to always have more storage for making more music. Whether you run out of storage, need a quick back-up solution, or simply want to increase audio and sample streaming performance, eSATA is right there with you.

Safe and Sound
Real world testing scenarios that go beyond the benchmarks make Rok Box MC m5 the ultimate off-the-shelf solution for composing, recording and live production. The native CPU power of the Intel Core i5 mobile processor lets you load more instrument tracks than ever before without the need to freeze tracks. Record multiple takes with confidence, overdub vocals to create harmonies, layer rhythm guitars for a full sound, and score a film. Do it all with Rok Box MC m5.

Loops and Sample Libraries
A good amount of RAM and storage make a solid foundation for working with sample libraries, adding a string section, or writing an instrumental piece.


  • 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-2520M processor
  • High-performance 4GB DDR3-1333 Memory
  • 15.6 Full HD backlit LED screen with NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics
  • Primary 320GB hard drive guarantee consistent results everyday
  • Includes Windows 7 Pro 32-bit operating system
  • 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 for all if your devices
  • 8 x MultiDrive (DVD±R DL / DVD±RW / CD-RW with Nero Essentials
  • Additional features include fingerprint reader, camera, microphone, WiFi, and Bluetooth

Time to upgrade your mobile studio? Then choose portable performance.