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All the essential dynamics processes in one convenient tool.

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The very first plug-in of its kind, Waves MaxxVolume performs all essential dynamics processes in one convenient tool. Combining technologies from Waves' acclaimed L2 Ultramaximizer, C1 Parametric Compander, Renaissance Vox, and Renaissance Compressor, MaxxVolume is ideal for mixing and mastering as well as broadcast and post-production, perfect for voiceovers, vocals, and instrumental tracks.

4-way Dynamics Processing:
1. It's a Vocal tool, with automatic level riding that keeps your vocal in focus.
2. It's an Instrument tool, controlling the dynamic range without the artifacts of compressors and limiters.
3. It's a Broadcast tool, bringing any program to a fixed destination level; ideal for radio and TV, podcasting, internet streaming, and more.
4. When time and fidelity is of the essence, turn to MaxxVolume, and turn it up.

MaxxVolume Controls:
Low Level:
¢ Threshold -96dB to 0dB
¢ Threshold On/off
¢ Gain 0dB to +48dB
¢ Gain Meter 0dB to +48dB

¢ Threshold -96dB to 0dB
¢ Threshold On/off

Energy Meter -96dB to 0dB

¢ Threshold -48dB to 0dB
¢ Threshold On/off

High Level:
¢ Threshold -48dB to 0dB
¢ Threshold On/off
¢ Gain -48dB to 0dB
¢ Gain Meter -48dB to 0dB

Output Meter -96dB to 0dB with peak hold and clip indicators


  • High-level compression
  • Low-level compression
  • Gating
  • Leveling (Auto Gain Control)
  • Double-precision bit resolution processing
  • Up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution (TDM 24/96 only)
  • Mono and stereo components