Tech Tip:Alternate Tuning - Drop "D" Whole Step

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Mikkel Stensgaard; Denmark


Q: I have the Bass Tab for the song "Aerials" by System of a Down and it uses a tuning of C-G-C-F, how do I tune my bass to this tuning?


A: This tuning is called Drop "D" whole step. The perspective you should look at this from is the same as Drop "D" but you must tune your guitar down a whole step first. Hhere is how it's done: You must start by tuning all the strings on your bass guitar down one whole step (two frets). This changes the normal tuning of E-A-D-G to D-G-C-F. Then tune the thickest string down another whole step to make it a "C" note. This tuning is very popular with heavy rock bands and has a real low mean sound to it.


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