Hands-On Review:Audix ADX-90


Audix ADX-90: Reviewed


Part 1: Overview


A Quick Look

The Audix ADX-90 is a miniature electret condenser mic with a cardioid pattern. Smartly outfitted with a "mount anywhere" clamp, this affordable mic is well suited to a number of studio applications.




Ease of Use: 5
Functionality: 4
Sound Quality: 4
Value: 4



The new addition to the Audix ADX Contractor Condenser microphone line is the miniature ADX-90 electret condenser. This is a small, black anodized aluminum condenser mic (6 oz/170 grams) placed at the end of a miniature four-inch D-Flex gooseneck. It is fitted with a "mount anywhere" shock-mounted clamp made of chromed steel. The clamp has rubberized jaws and a thumb screw for secure attachment to anything from a drum rim to the inside of a grand piano. In addition, there is another shock mount that isolates the gooseneck from the clamp assembly, ensuring no possible mechanical connection between the mic's body and the mounting clamp.