Hands-On Review:Boss GT-8 guitar effect processor

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Boss GT-8 guitar effect processor

By Chris Gill

Boss GT-8 Unless you're fortunate enough to cross paths with the vengeful wife of a guitar collector, chances are slim you'll ever get to buy more than 100 effect pedals and more than one dozen amps for $500 and change. For you (and the rest of us), Boss offers its new Boss GT-8 guitar effect processor. It has outstanding models of numerous popular amps and a powerful processor that can create just about any effect you'll ever need, as well as sounds you've never heard before.


Remarkably, it's all contained within a tidy foot-controller package no bigger than a skateboard. Like its predecessors, the GT-5 and the GT-6, the Boss GT-8 uses proprietary COSM (Composite Object Sound Modeling) technology, which Roland, Boss' parent company, has constantly perfected over the past decade. COSM provides exceptionally convincing models of various amps, speakers and effects, reproducing the nuances and expressiveness of classic and popular gear with stunning realism. As the GT-8 has two COSM engines, you can now blend amp models or switch between models. For example, you can set models to respond to picking dynamics and change sounds when you play harder or softer.