Hands-On Review:Cables Matter

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The Mogami 'mojo'

By Laurence Juber
Studio Musician

Cables Matter

I've been a studio musician since the 1970s and played in McCartney's final incarnation of Wings. Since then I've composed, produced, and developed a career as a recording artist and concert performer—something of a "Renaissance Man." Increasingly I'm on the road playing solo guitar and being quite obsessive about my gear. I've evolved a simple but high-end stage rig with my signature guitar, internal high-headroom pickup/mic system and studio-quality pre-amp.


My setup requires a stereo dual cable to carry the signals from the pickup and internal mic. For years I've used a well known product but I've always had issues with its weight and questionable reliability. At a time when size and weight are crucial factors in traveling, I appreciate the lighter weight and slim profile of the Mogami cable, as typically a high-end cable is thick and heavy. The angled jacks are practical and discreet on stage. The handling noise is virtually non-existent and there is no cross-talk between the sources.


On tour recently I had the chance to A/B my old cable with a Mogami and enjoyed the soundman's reaction to the clear and qualitative difference: the Mogami exhibited more girth in the low end, smoother and sweeter highs, an expanded dynamic range, and a lower noise floor. It clearly captured all the nuances of my performance.


I've been using Mogami cables for many years; my home studio has about 100 yards of it connected to my patchbay, and 24-track analog and digital converters. Now I feel like I can bring the studio to the stage and bring the Mogami 'mojo' to my shows.