Hands-On Review:Compact electronic drum set

Roland’s V-Club Set is a great little electronic drum kit that’s just right for the price. It brings the acclaimed, realistic Roland V-Drum sound and versatility to a set that’s amazingly affordable. The compact V-Club Set is packed with professional features, yet is extra easy to use. So, if you are looking for an electronic set that’s ideal for gigs on a tight stage, smaller-sound studios, and hours of comfortable practice—all at a nice price—look no more! The V-Club Set is available at Musician’s Friend.


This is your brain on drums.
The heart of the V-Club Set is really its brain. The all-new TD-6 Percussion Sound Module is derived from Roland’s powerful TD-8 module.

With the TD-6, you get over a thousand of Roland’s acclaimed drum and percussion sounds. Plus 262 backing sounds and 64-voice polyphony. Working drummers will be thrilled with the ease of accessing up to 99 different drum kits with the two-band equalizer and ambient effect.

The TD-6 also sports a versatile six-part sequencer. Use it to dial up over 150 preset songs. If you’re like me, the hours will fly by when you’re practicing along with everything from rock, jazz, and swing to country, funk, and Latin rhythms. Plus, you can use the MIDI input to add up to 100 of your own songs. The TD-6 records up to 12,000 notes for playback in real time.

While working on those dimly lit stages, you will certainly appreciate the easy-to-use, backlit directional controls and the backlit two-line/20-character display.

Where the rubber meets the road.
I must admit it. I have played the higher-end Roland V-Drum sets and was spoiled rotten by the magnificent mesh-head and dual-trigger rubber pads. How would this affect my expectations of the single-trigger rubber pads on the V-Club Set? It raised them.

After experiencing the reliable response of the 8.5” PD-6 drum pads, I was quite pleasantly surprised. The triggering and overall feel is excellent. When combined with the flexible sound control provided by the TD-6 module, the possibilities seem almost limitless. I am actually partial to the durability and responsive feel of the rubber pads.

A choking performance.
I began my latest impromptu test session on some comparably-priced electronic sets with rubber cymbal pads. Imagine my disappointment when I smacked the crash cymbal, reached up with my hand and didn’t hear that familiar choking sound. What a rip!

No such results with the V-Club Set’s CY-6 12” cymbal pads. The crash and ride cymbals feature full-choke capability. Their dual triggering and outstanding modeling yield surprisingly natural dynamics. The TD-6’s integrated hi-hat controller rounds out the V-Club Set’s serious cymbal action.

Add more members to this Club.
Like I said, the V-Club Set is “just right” and that’s a great start. Now, for the player who wants a few more features, this kit is very expandable.

The TD-6 control module offers six inputs for optional dual trigger pads. Actually, six of nine inputs are for dual trigger pads. Use an optional “Y” cable and you’ll have a full 11-pad set. You can then add the aforementioned Roland PD-80/100/120 Mesh-Head V-Pads. If you want to play with brushes, try the PD-7/9 dual-trigger rubber pads.

Fits as well as functions.
Though compact and lightweight, the V-Club Set is solid. The included stand is sturdy and offers lots of adjustability. The hardware is top notch too. Just add sticks, AC (for the TD-6 control module’s 9V DC adapter), headphones/speakers and your favorite kick drum pedal. You’re ready to play.

Full featured and affordable.
So, what we have here is a sharp electronic kit that’s compact, capable, and budget-friendly. The TD-6 control module provides plenty of customizable sounds and effects. It’s packed with plenty of sequences with which you can jam. Then there is a pair of the best single-trigger, chokeable cymbals in the business. Finally, you get a good array of I/Os and plenty of room to grow. Who could ask for more at such a great low Musician’s Friend price!

Features & Specs


  • New TD-6 sound module
  • 64-voice polyphony
  • 1,024 high-quality drum sounds
  • 262 backing sounds
  • 99 preset drum kits
  • Six-part sequencer
  • 100 user songs
  • Two CY-6 12" “chokeable” cymbal pads
  • Five PD-6 8.5" rubber pads
  • Hi-hat pedal
  • Kick drum trigger
  • One-shot, loop, and tap play functions
  • Nine trigger input jacks
  • Hi-hat controller
  • Stand and hardware


  • Left (mono) and right output jacks
  • MIDI in/out/thru connectors
  • 12,000-note sequencer storage
  • Ambience effect
  • Two-band equalizer