Hands-On Review:Danelectro serves bite-size effects pedals at junk-food prices.

by Dominic Hilton


Corned Beef Reverb
The Corned Beef digital reverb has a mix control to adjust the effect level and a hi-cut control for taming high frequencies and creating reverb tones ranging from crisply modern to soft vintage. Like all the pedals here, the Corned Beef runs via 9-volt battery or optional AC adapter, features a silent footswitch and comes housed in a heavy plastic case with a steel backplate and non-slip rubber pad.


Surf & Turf Compressor
Offering just two controls—level and sensitivity—this blue baby makes it easy to tweak out unruly peaks, fatten up clean tone and get punch and sustain for ragged guitar sounds. The Surf & Turf has extremely low noise levels, even at the upper limits of the sensitivity range. Plus, the unit’s tone is transparent, allowing the true sound of your guitar to come through.


Pepperoni Phaser
This could be the quintessential stompbox—one knob and loads of fat-ass vibe. Dial in a rate with the speed control, and settle back for deep-dish phasing reminiscent of the classic MXR Phase 90.


Milkshake Chorus
The Milkshake Chorus uses just two knobs—speed and depth—to create a range of sweet shimmering sounds, from light and frothy to thick and swirly.


Hash Browns Flanger
Create fat, sizzling modulations that recall the tones of old analog flangers. The Hash Browns Flanger has controls for speed, regeneration and width to create everything from translucent shimmers to dark, slab-like modulation sweeps.


T-Bone Distortion
Beef up that wimpy amp tone with the fiery muscle of the T-Bone Distortion. Level and distortion controls serve up loads of thick, juicy gain to create everything from chunky crunch to Hendrix-style mayhem.


Pastrami Overdrive
The Pastrami Overdrive serves up enough fat, beefy tone to make a rocker’s heart beat dangerously fast. Everything from soft crunches to fuzzed-out bliss can be created with the level and overdrive controls.


Tuna Melt Tremolo
This mellow, yellow unit oozes with vintage flavor and a double helping of tones—either smooth, fluttery tremolo or hard on-off pulses. Speed and depth controls govern the rate and amplitude of these fine, shimmering effects.


BLT Slap Echo
The BLT conjures up the stuttering slap-back delays popularized in the rockabilly recordings of the Fifties. Unlike the long delays of modern digital units, the BLT concentrates on serving up sizzling, rumbling twangs reminiscent of Eddie Cochran. Controls for mix and repeat let you dial in the effect level and number of echoes.


Grilled Cheese Distortion
Imagine a half-cocked wah-wah through an overloaded stack. That’s the sound of the Grilled Cheese Distortion. A resonance control mutates the sound from scratchy fuzz to rumbling dirt, creating loads of funky, high-gain textures with Schenker-approved honk.