Hands-On Review:From the Bedroom to the Live Room

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Recording Guitar and Bass with Line 6

By Frank LaMonte
Line 6 Product Manager

Line 6 gear is celebrated by world-traveled artists, world-class producers, and bedroom superstars bent on world domination. USB interfaces, effect processors, plug-in software, and more—Line 6 gear provides the shortest lines between recording musicians and the platinum-album tones they deserve.

POD Studio™ and TonePort®

From the portable to the pro, Line 6 USB interfaces deliver incredible advantages including exceptional input specs—12dB more than similar interfaces, near-zero latency with exclusive ToneDirect™ monitoring, and dream collections of legendary amp, cab, and effect tones.


Available in four intuitive configurations, POD Studio interfaces are ideal for portability (POD Studio GX), home recording (POD Studio UX1), and home-studio recording (POD Studio UX2 and POD Studio KB37). TonePort UX8, the rack-mountable solution, is the crown jewel of countless pro recording studios worldwide.


Each Line 6 USB interface comes complete with a valuable collection of recording software that includes Ableton® Live Lite, RiffWorks™ T4, or Reason® Adapted virtual studio. The recording platforms of the masters are now available to all recording guitarists and bassists.

POD Farm™

From dark and smoky American combos to gain-crazed British stacks, POD Farm Plug-In features the vintage and modern tones every guitarist and bassist wants: immortal amps, cabs, mic preamps, and more including tons of essential stompbox and studio effects. All were painstakingly modeled after the historic originals and packed inside POD Farm for your pleasure. Each model is fully adjustable. Hundreds of presets provide instant record-ready tones.


POD Farm integrates seamlessly with all major recording applications including Pro Tools®, Ableton® Live, GarageBand®, Logic®, Cakewalk®/Sonar®, and more.

The POD® X3 Family

Tired of overtaxing your computer’s CPU? Record timeless guitar and bass tones with POD X3, POD X3 Live, and POD X3 Pro. Each delivers the flexibility, connections, and immortal tones that made POD the global standard for discerning guitarists and bassists.


Recording a great sound with a guitar/amplifier setup can be a challenge for even the most experienced engineers and producers. That’s why so many of them rely on POD for instant, perfect guitar and bass tones. POD X3 Pro delivers 78 guitar amps with 24 guitar cabs, 28 bass amps with 22 bass cabs, 98 stompbox and studio effects, and six preamps, all at your fingertips and record-ready.


POD X3 Pro also offers a secret weapon: powerful Dual Tone processing. Split your single-input guitar or bass signal through two different amp and effect chains simultaneously to create gorgeous new hybrid tones. Or use the dual inputs on POD X3 to individually process two instruments—a microphone and a guitar for example—at the same time.


Portable and powerful, BackTrack is an easy-to-use digital recorder that provides total inspiration control for guitarists and bassists. Plug into its high-quality 1/4" input and it records everything you play to its rugged flash memory. When you rip a perfect riff or play something you’ll never be able to repeat, you’ll be glad you’re plugged into BackTrack.


Creating a killer song from a recorded riff has never been easier. Connect BackTrack to your computer via USB 2.0 and drag your better-than-CD quality recordings straight from BackTrack to your recording application. The clean and pristine audio makes it easy for plug-in processing to turn any random riff into a platinum-album song.


At home, in the studio, or in the back of the tour bus, guitarists and bassists are using BackTrack as a creative safety net, a place to store their ideas and more. BackTrack + Mic can do all of the above plus record your whole band with its sensitive microphone!

Rely on Line 6

No matter what you record, where you record, or how you record, Line 6 makes something that will make your life easier (and your recordings better). Your time is precious and your recordings are worth it—it’s time to see what Line 6 can do for you.