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Eddie Cochran Tribute 6120EC

If anyone deserves credit for making the Gretsch 6120 an icon of rockabilly music, it is certainly Eddie Cochran. Although Eddie's career was cut tragically short by the auto accident that took his life at age 22, his influence cannot be overstated. Not only did he write his own tunes, many which have are still rock staples to this day, but he was also the epitome of cool. He was the James Dean of the cutting edge music of the times, and kept rockabilly burning bright into the late '50s while Elvis went into the army and others had drifted into other styles. While the 6120 was originally designed as a collaborative effort with virtuoso country-picking legend Chet Atkins, the guitar's unique properties also made it perfect for the burgeoning rockabilly style of the '50s. Gretsch guitars of this era were as much about style as they were about sound, but fortunately for us, Chet pushed for certain player-friendly and tone-enhancing improvements that characterized their sound and made Gretsch guitars even better in the studio and on the road.

This fine Tribute model is made by the U.S. Custom Shop and features the finest materials and craftsmanship. Virtually indistinguishable from the original, the G6120EC is authentic in every detail, from the aluminum nut and bridge to the famous "dog ear" neck pickup; from the distressed vintage orange nitrocellulose lacquer finish to the relic gold-plated hardware and Bigsby B6GPVF vibrato tailpiece. The cosmetic features such as the modified plexi pickguard, western block fingerboard inlays (depicting cactus, steer heads, and fences), lower-body bout "G" brand, and pearloid steer head/Gretsch logo inlay on the bound headstock are details that made this model a legend from the start. The special commemorative materials included with this model make it a collector's dream.

Gretsch U.S. Custom Shop Eddie Cochran Tribute 6120EC

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Chris Swope and Scott Weinmann

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Scott Weinmann
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Chris Swope
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