Tech Tip:How Can I Get that Rock Distortion Sound?

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Paul Bammer: Atlanta, GA


Q: I am trying to get that distortion sound on my guitar that you have on your DVD. Can you give me some ideas of how to achieve this rock sound?


A: There are two ways to get the distortion sound on your guitar. The first way is to turn the Gain or distortion knob (sometimes this knob can be called other names) on your amp all the way to 10, then use your master volume to set the overall volume of your sound.


The second way is to get an overdrive or distortion pedal and plug this between your guitar and amp. These pedals are very common and create a real cool rock sound. If you want to check out the sounds of different distortion and overdrive pedals, we have an interactive tool in the "Tips and Tools" section of our Members Site, where you can sample the sounds of all the best distortion pedal types.



Hope this helps
John McCarthy
Rock House Method
Guitar Instructor