Hands-On Review:KRK Systems, Inc. - Tools for Home, Project and Professional Studios

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KRK is one of the leading studio monitor manufacturers for home, project, and commercial recording facilities. We pioneered active monitors, introducing matched speakers and integrated power amplifiers to the pro audio market. KRK products are used worldwide in leading professional studios, and in thousands of home and project studios. Here’s why:

Rokit – the musician’s choice for home studios

The Rokit family is the world’s best-selling line of studio monitors, according to MI Salestrak Data, 2007-2009 and for good reason. All of the models have a clean, accurate sound that enables users on a small budget to get exceptional results. Rokits are well suited for small to mid-sized home and project studios. The Rokit 5 and Rokit 6 integrate easily into small recording and mixing spaces. The Rokit 8 provides higher SPLs required for mid-field monitoring or larger rooms, or whenever extended bass performance is required.


The latest incarnation, the Rokit G2, features a newly designed front baffle that sports the radical curved edges found on KRK’s VXT and E8b monitors. These cabinet modifications reduce diffraction and give the Rokits a wide sweet spot and impressive imaging. The Rokit line also features one-inch neodymium soft dome tweeters with ferrofluid for more natural-sounding highs and tight low-end response. The integrated power amplifiers and crossovers allow the Rokits to pack a surprising punch, while providing superior detail and transient response.

VXT – serious sound, impressive detail

KRK’s VXT Series is aimed squarely at semi-pro and professional users. Serious project studios, broadcast and editing facilities, post production, and sound design all can benefit from the VXTs' ultra-smooth frequency response, amazing sonic detail and incredible imaging. The VXTs are constructed of ABS structural foam, which provides better density and dampening than wood. The ABS provides another benefit as it increases the interior cabinet volume. This allows the VXT series to have better bass response than similarly sized monitors while keeping resonance to a minimum. In addition to the custom Kevlar drivers, each VXT model features a one-inch soft-dome tweeter and a toroidal power transformer for low hum and minimum noise. The inclusion of tamper-resistant switch covers, integrated supports for wall or corner mounting, ground lift, optional front grilles, defeatable limiter and auto mute controls, and high and low frequency adjust switches on the VXT6 and VXT8 make the line suitable for installed applications. VXTs are perfect for edit bays and mid-sized project and professional studios. The VXT4’s small size and impressive performance are ideally suited for applications where space is at a premium, while the VXT6 and VXT8 work well for near and mid-field applications in larger rooms.

KRK-10s – more bottom end for Rokit, VXT

The KRK-10's subwoofer complements the Rokit and VXT monitors in both styling and performance. The 10" glass-aramid driver and high power amplifier effectively extend the frequency response of any monitoring system down to 35Hz. The KRK-10 has a level control, phase switch, and variable low-pass filter, and also contains the full complement of input options for easy interfacing with any KRK monitor.

Great monitors+ERGO = great mixes

A great monitor plus a great room can yield a great mix. But if your mixes sound flabby, boomy, lack punch or detail, the problem could be room influences. KRK’s ERGO fixes these problems by analyzing your room and correcting for frequency and phase problems. The result is a room where bass buildup is contained, muddy mids are cleared up, and imaging is restored. ERGO also acts as a master volume control, speaker switcher, and audio interface. Since ERGO corrects poor acoustic environments regardless of their location or construction, it is the perfect complement to any control room, home, project or broadcast studio.

Musicians Using KRK: Jeremiah Edmond of Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra is a rock band making news and great music with KRK, and typical of many KRK customers, they are hardworking and passionate about their craft and their sound. Jeremiah Edmonds, the band’s drummer and a founding member, says, “I have been using KRKs for both tracking and mixing for years. I often even set up a pair just for guitarists to monitor with while tracking in the control room. The balanced bass response and definition across the frequency spectrum, even at high volumes, is ideal for tracking rock guitars and the stereo imaging is so defined that I find it much easier to balance my mixes without cluttering the center.”


In addition to being a fan of KRK monitors, Jeremiah is also a convert to ERGO. “Adding the ERGO to our setup has just further improved our experience with KRK by balancing our brand new studio without having to discover and correct our room's flaws through trial and error. It also helps to untie us from the studio by enabling us to partially control any makeshift recording space we may end up in. I have a feeling that will be very useful with the amount of time we spend on the road.”


Guitarist Robert McDowell is also a fan of ERGO’s room correction capabilities. “Today was the first time I was able to set up the ERGO and use it with our new KRK VXT8 speakers. I was shocked by the low end and crunch that they deliver on guitars. While listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Baby 81" it sounded like a live show, with real amps rather than a compressed record blowing out your speakers.”