Hands-On Review:Kustom Quad DFX Combo Review

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Common Ground
Kustom Quad 100 DFX 2-12 combo.

by Eric Kirkland

Kustom amps have graced the world's stages for more than 30 years and have contributed to some of the most unforgettable guitar sounds. Today, the company continues to build a full range of pro audio products and is once again providing discriminating guitarists with lush tones and modern versatility. The new Kustom Quad 100 DFX has everything the typical player needs, including two great-sounding channels, useful preamp features and onboard digital effects.



Taking advantage of the best solid-state circuitry, the dual-channel Quad 100 DFX combo pumps 100 watts through two 12-inch Celestion Super 65 speakers. The top-mounted control panel is separated into three sections: lead channel, rhythm channel and digital effects. The lead channel's basic controls include gain, low, mid, high and volume. A push button switches the preamp's modes between bright U.K. crunch and stout American distortion. A small boost switch substantially increases the gain for when you want power chords that scare or sustain that sings.


On the rhythm side, you'll find dials for volume, bass, middle and treble, and a preamp push button that lets you choose neutral or brilliant modes. The digital effects section provides an effects on/off switch, a level knob and an eight-position program selector that switches between hall reverb, spring reverb, slap back (echo), delay, chorus, chorus/reverb, flanger/reverb and tremolo. Also on top are a channel switch, a single guitar input, a 1/4-inch CD/tape input and an XLR output. Mounted under the back panel are 1/4-inch jacks for effects loop send/return, line out, speaker out and the optional footswitch.


I tested the Quad 100 with my PRS Custom. The lead channel's boosted American mode created round 6L6-type compression, warm tones and heavy distortion. The British mode was thinner and took the most advantage of the amp's headroom. Although the rhythm channel's neutral setting was flat and somewhat sterile, it provided an excellent platform for effects. I spent most of my time in the brilliant mode, which accentuated highs and removed some mids for a lively tubelike feel. With standouts like the pulsing tremolo and hall reverb, the onboard effects expanded the Quad's depth and versatility.


The Bottom Line
Well priced and boasting integrated digital effects, the Quad 100 DFX is an all-in-one guitar tool with a satisfying array of tones and features.