Hands-On Review:Line 6 BackTrackā„¢

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Instant replay for your guitar, inspiration insurance for you

By Frank LaMonte
Line 6 Product Manager

Line 6 BackTrack

There are two kinds of guitarists in this world: those who have experienced the lingering heartbreak of losing their most inspired musical ideas, and those who have not.


Inspiration is spontaneous. And it loves to remind us of that fact. Many guitarists, certainly many who I know, rely on either complicated, over-engineered devices to capture their sudden musical inspirations, or no device at all. Both of these strategies are counter-productive. Luckily, BackTrack™, available in two flavors, has a one-track mind.

It’s so easy

The first moments of inspiration are critically important. In the time it takes to set up recording gear, the clearest most inspired revelations, epiphanies, and great musical ideas can vanish forever. BackTrack and BackTrack + Mic are convenient, intuitive, brain-dead easy to use, and solve this problem completely.


Each BackTrack begins recording as soon as it detects a signal through either a super-quiet 1/4"-guitar input or, with BackTrack + Mic, a sensitive built-in microphone. (Featuring automatic gain control, the built-in microphone makes BackTrack + Mic an ideal tool for capturing not only your best electric guitar riffs but also crystal-clear vocals and acoustic guitar.) No mics to set up, no levels to adjust, no firing up your DAW, just instant idea capture without ever hitting record.

“Mark” my words

Perfect for capturing sudden inspirations, each BackTrack is also ideal for recording everything you play while strumming on the couch, at rehearsal, or during a gig. Both BackTrack and BackTrack + Mic feature the revolutionary “Mark” button. After playing something special, designate it as such by pressing “Mark” and what you just played will be marked for easy review. The Forward and Reverse buttons can provide instant recall of marked and non-marked ideas and the 1/4" amp out, as well as BackTrack + Mic’s 1/8" headphone out, provide instant review capability.

Line 6 BackTrack & BackTrack + Mic
Line 6 BackTrack & BackTrack + Mic

Ride the WAV

The recorded audio, saved as WAV files to a rugged and reliable flash memory, can be transferred easily to your computer via lightning-fast USB 2.0. Keep all the WAV files as a library of your riffs or import them into your recording software for further recording, editing, or mixing. Plus, while connected to your computer, the internal battery recharges to its full capacity of over eight hours. BackTrack + Mic captures over 24 hours of audio and BackTrack captures up to 12 hours.

Inspiration to go

BackTrack and BackTrack + Mic feature sleek, low-profile designs that fit in your pocket as easily as they fit into your setup. In any scenario, BackTrack and BackTrack + Mic are fully dedicated to capturing everything you play. Now which kind of guitarist are you?