Hands-On Review:Line 6 TonePort UX8

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8-channel pro recording interface with POD tone

Jesse Jost
Line 6 Project Manager


Since Line 6’s inception in the mid ’90s, we have revolutionized  guitar recording with products such as Amp Farm®, POD®, and Variax®. Now  Line 6 has brought the revolution to computer recording with the TonePort UX8 modeling and recording interface.


Visually, TonePort UX8 immediately impresses with an attractive and hip front panel design  that houses trim knobs, signal activity and clip LEDs, as well as two  distinctive, retro-inspired VU meters. But it gets even better under the  hood: TonePort UX8 is the only USB 2.0 audio interface that combines the powerful  tone-shaping mojo of Line 6’s acclaimed GearBox™ software with recording  for eight simultaneous channels of 24-bit/96kHz audio. Professional  features and top-flight components have never looked—and sounded—so  good.


The freedom to choose


TonePort UX8 provides the discerning producer with eight XLR inputs, eight 1/4" line  inputs, two 1/4" front panel instrument jacks, eight 1/4" balanced line  output jacks, and two stereo headphone jacks, as well as stereo RCA  S/PDIF input and output. Designed from the ground up to meet the  demanding needs of pro and project studios, the UX8 combines rock-solid  construction, pro grade components, and comprehensive I/O options.


Of course, Line 6 is all about tone, and TonePort UX8 delivers in spades, with the massive GearBox collection of 18 guitar  amps and 24 cabinets, five bass amps and cabs, six mic preamps, and a  whopping 30 stompbox and studio effects for guitar, bass, and vocals.  Guitarists and bassists will find vintage gems, boutique beauties, and  high-watt heavies, as well as stomp boxes that run the gamut from  pawnshop specials to the most sophisticated signal processors. High-end  studio aficionados will be especially thrilled to find spot-on preamp  models based on* the API® 512c, Neve 1073, and Avalon VT737, along with  an uncannily accurate model based on* the legendary Teletronics LA-2A®  compressor.


Line 6 Line 6 UX-8 Toneport Recording Interface
Line 6 Line 6 UX-8 Toneport Recording Interface

UX8 offers additional flexibility by providing Gearbox processing in  the form of a VST®/AU/RTAS® plug-in, allowing you to modify a track’s  amp and effect processing after it’s been recorded. What’s more,  TonePort will never let your killer tones lag behind your inspiration:  Line 6’s outstanding ToneDirect technology allows for superior  low-latency monitoring regardless of the buffer size in your recording  app, while its rock-solid drivers deliver no-hassle operation for  maximum creativity. That’s right: no more worries about losing that  perfect take because of a technical glitch, or having to reboot your  system every time you want to rock.


Sailing into TonePort™


With its sturdy and stylish rackmountable design and the kind of  professional features and components found in far more expensive units, TonePort UX8 is the ideal solution for project and pro studios that demand multiple  ins and outs for more advanced recording applications. With a slew of  modeling choices for guitar, bass, and vocals, Line 6 has once again  designed a product that offers musicians the opportunity to take their  musical paths to new levels.


Features & Specs

  • Eight channels of 24-bit/96kHz audio input and output
  • Eight XLR mic pre inputs with +48V phantom power
  • Eight 1/4" line inputs
  • Two 1/4" front panel instrument jacks
  • Eight 1/4" balanced line output jacks
  • Two stereo headphone jacks
  • S/PDIF input and output
  • Gearbox™ plug-in functionality provides POD tone for AU, VST®, and RTAS® hosts
  • Signal activity and clip LEDS for all inputs
  • Eight sets of trim knobs, low-cut, and pad switches for mic preamps
  • Mix-and-match from 23 amp models and 21 cab models to create your own unique sounds for guitar and bass
  • 30 stompbox and studio effects tweaked to perfection
  • Six mic preamp models for classic tone quality
  • Internal power supply and IEC cable
  • Two 1/4" pedal connectors for switch/continuous pedals
  • One 1/4" expression pedal connector
  • USB 2.0 connectivity for fast and reliable audio
  • Low-latency ToneDirect™ monitoring
  • Two professional VU meters
  • Expandable with Model Packs, Riffworks™, and GuitarPort® Online
  • Spacious 2U metal rackmount provides easy front panel access