Tech Tip:Loose Input Jack

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Travis Craven; Canada


Q: I have a Washburn electric guitar and the input jack keeps coming loose. I get my pliers and tighten it up but it still comes loose. Do you have any suggestions that can help?


A: We have a DVD program out called Wired Guitar Care and Repair and this question is the number one question we get.


It is very important that when you are tightening an input jack that you DO NOT just tighten the nut that is visible outside because the entire input jack turns when you do this and it will eventually twist the wires that are connected inside the guitar and cause them to break.


The proper way to tighten the jack is to unscrew the input jack cover and hold the inside section secure with pliers while tightening the outside nut. This will make it very tight and not allow the wires to get twisted and break.


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John McCarthy
Rock House