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Chris Lord-Alge:

Mixing Engineer


Part 1: Mix Preparation


Green Day, Orgy, Savage Garden and Hole are just a few of the platinum artists mixed by Chris Lord-Alge. One of the leading mixing engineers working today, Chris talks to about the equipment he uses, the way he edits for radio and live television, and how to become a mixing engineer. Why do you enjoy mixing?


Chris Lord-Alge: I think the best part about mixing is that there is always a new song. There is always something new to be creative with. I love music and I love taking a song from scratch to its final mix. The most fun for me is the surprise element of hearing something new and then pulling it all together. Do you do any mix preparation?


Lord-Alge: A lot of times I'll get a song that's on multiple reels. It may be spread out over 80, 90 or however many tracks it has, and that actually helps me learn the song. And I will crop it down to a size I feel will make it work. And once the song is all copied and cleaned up I will actually start to mix it. It comes together a lot quicker that way. How long does it take to do mix prepping?


Lord-Alge: If I see that I have a mix coming in that has a lot of tracks I 'll try to prep it the night before so when I arrive in the morning it's all ready to go. The whole point is to make the song sound good, and there are some simple things I can do to help that along. For instance, there could be a lot of different guitars that need to be weeded through and put in the right places, or there may be a lot of tracks for strings or backgrounds that are really spread out, and I'll try to place them because the less faders it comes up on the more control I have over it. Do you speak to the producer while doing the mix prep?


Lord-Alge: Absolutely. Sometimes I'll put a phone call in to the producer of the project and make sure that all the elements I'm choosing are ones they want in the song. Sometimes they have a tape that has a lot of excess elements that they may have decided not to use, but haven't yet erased. And at that point we'll pick what we need.


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