Tech Tip:My "G" String is Buzzing

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The following tips for aspiring guitarists are courtesy of John McCarthy of The Rock House Method, publisher of video lessons for musicians at every skill level.


Rocky Genovese; Baltimore, MD

Q: I have noticed when I am tuning or playing my guitar unplugged that when I hit my "G" string I get an extra buzz or rattle sound. I have lengthened the string to what I feel is the max and I have checked the intonation repeatedly and it is all good. All I accomplished when I lengthened the string was making the rattle sound a little higher pitched. My guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Supreme figured and I am using Gibson strings (.010). Can you help? Thanks!


A: First of all, you should not be adjusting the length of the string unless you are fixing the intonation of the string. I have had similar buzz sounds on the "G" and found a couple of ways to remedy them:


  • 1. There is a ring around each machine head peg that can come loose. If it is loose it will create a buzz or rattle-type sound when you pick that string. Try holding your finger against the machine head peg and pick the string to see if this cures the buzz problem.
  • 2. Sometimes the nut of your guitar can become loose fitting from the string rubbing inside the groove. Try shifting the string around inside the nut slot to cure the problem.


If this does not fix the problem I would recommend taking your guitar to a repair person for a checkup.