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Recommended Reading: Performing Advice


The Touring Musician - A Small Business Approach To Booking Your Band On The Road
By Hal Garper (Billboard Books, 2000) $16.95



Author Hal Garper points out that musicians are not, for the most part, terrific business people. Tilt the odds of success in your favor by learning every aspect of the touring biz with The Touring Musician's exhaustive coverage. Learn how to set up a small business, organize and launch a promotion campaign, research and book venues ahead of time, and make sense of the legal documents you'll encounter along the way. Especially useful are the Sample Tours, where Garper takes the wheel for five tours with varying budget restrictions and scheduling problems. At points the book lags with common-sense filler (developing good telephone techniques; checking in at hotels!) but reliably offers good, realistic advice

for the touring musician's highway-bound career.



The Professional Singer's Handbook
By Gloria Rusch (Hal Leonard Corp., 1998) $19.95



This book realistically prepares a singer for life in the world of professional music. Author Gloria Rusch gives candid advice on topics including: getting started, finding a vocal coach, defining one's voice, learning correct breathing, conquering stage fright, mic techniques, connecting with an audience, common vocal ailments, and much more. The Professional Singer's Handbook includes extensive interviews with session vocalists, producers, songwriters and arrangers. -Courtesy Hal Leonard Corp.



Super Sight-Reading Secrets: An Innovative, Step-By-Step Program For Musical Keyboard Players Of All Levels
By Howard B. Richman (Sound Feelings Pub, 1986) $9.95



Yeah, we know: The way to Carnegie Hall is to practice, practice, practice. But practice what? The drills and exercises here are specifically designed to increase your sight-reading skills. You'll find your way through complex contemporary keyboard parts by learning how better to read ahead, keep from losing your place, transpose on sight and, best of all, fake it when you can't make it.