Tech Tip:Placing My Fingers on the Strings

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Juan Martinez; Mexico


Q: I was wondering if there is a specific way I should be placing my fingers on the strings? I mean, should I use the very tips or use the pads of my fingers?


I don't want any bad habits developed as I am beginning to learn. Thanks for the help.


A: There are different situations that require you to use the tip, pad, or even side of your finger.


Playing scales usually requires you to use the tip of each finger to gain speed and accuracy.


Chords can get a bit trickier; some chords called bar chords will have you placing your finger flat across more than one string. Other chords can have situations where you need to tilt your finger at an angle to mute or deaden a string and for more difficult chords you may have to adjust each finger to make the chord sound properly.


You must look into each situation to see what finger placement makes the chord, riff, or scale play easiest.


Hope this helps!


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John McCarthy
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