Hands-On Review:Pure valve power, tone, and total control

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Marshall amps were on stage for almost every electric music event in the 20th century. Now, Marshall's JCM2000 Triple Super Lead (TSL) series is amplifying 21st century sounds with even more valve-powered tone and flexibility. The TSL series picks up where the critically acclaimed JCM2000 Dual Super Lead (DSL) series left off. In fact, the natural tones are so voluptuous that you may rarely use your effects.

By giving you three independent channels and innovative features, the all-valve TSL puts total tone control at your fingertips ("valve" is the British term for "tube"). JCM2000 TSL amps come in powerful 100W or portable 60W heads and combos. From crystal clean to the mightiest Marshall roar, these amps crank every musical flavor with amazing power.

Marshall JCM2000 TSL Amps & CombosTSL100 Head

This dynamo comes loaded with four EL34 power valves for the purest, warmest tone you can imagine. There are three independent channels for clean, crunch, and lead, plus mid-boost, toneshift, and "deep" switches for even more tonal options.


The TSL100W head is truly a control freak's dream. It contains all of the tone-tailoring tools that can comfortably fit in a head. Three channels each have their EQ, reverb, effects loops, volume, and gain control... you get the picture.


But what really makes the TSLs stand out is their clean channel. Anyone who's ever played a big valve amp knows you have to play it loud to get the best tone. Most amps make it impossible to get good, loud, clean tones without distorting. The TSL100 gives plenty of big-time power for high volume guitar excursions, and it holds the clean without biting or crackling. The gain and volume controls on the clean make it easy to dial in fantastic sound at different volumes.


The TSL100's crunch and lead channels provide the classic valve distortion and sizzling solo tones that made Marshall famous. The crunch channel dishes out big slabs of overdrive, and the lead channel is loaded with enough gain for a major tectonic meltdown great for serious riffage or skanking along with a delirious groove.


The TSL100 also comes with cool extras. There's a Virtual Power Reduction switch that instantly pumps up your saturation to give you the sound of a lower powered valve amp being driven hard. An XLR output with Marshall speaker emulation is ideal for direct recording, connection to an external power amp, or for connection to a PA system. Plus, there's a power amp mute switch for silent recording and a 5-way foot controller for switching channels, reverb, and FX Loop on/off.


Click to EnlargeTSL122 Combo

The TSL122 2x12 combo gives you the same 100W of pure valve power, the same total control over your tone, and the same three-channel operation as the TSL100 head in a convenient combo. Specially designed loudspeakers optimize the sonic characteristics of the TSL at any volume. You can pump it way up in the studio and turn it down low at home, and still get delicious tone. A Heritage 12" speaker and Vintage Marshall Celestion 12" speaker in the TSL122 combo deliver incredibly clear, breathing valve sounds. Very sweet.


TSL60 Head

The latest generation of JCM2000 TSL amps features several valve-powered 60W workhorses including the TSL60 60W head and TSL602 2x12 combo . Both deliver warm, natural distortion with smooth, harmonic overtones.


The 60W TSL head offers amazing tone to players who really don't require a full-blown 100W amp. With tone driven by two EL34 power valves and four ECC83 pre-amp tubes, this amp can easily scream with its bigger 100W brethren.


Click to EnlargeThis is a very versatile amp. The TSL60's three channels provide a wide range of tones that offer great country twang, classic rock, metal, jazz, and blues tones. Like the big 100W boys, it comes with three foot switchable channels; effects loop; master volume and individual channel volume controls; individual treb, mid, bass controls; bass boost; and separate reverb for clean/OD channels. Everything you'd expect from a great amp.


TSL602 Combo

The 602 combo is one of the most flexible, best-sounding portable combos available. It offers the same valve tone and precision control as the TSL60, plus built in custom speakers, namely dual 12" Wolverines.


If you are looking for a powerful, all valve amp, the Marshall JCM2000 TSL series is the one to fill your bill. These amp heads and combos serve up the world's warmest, most natural valve tones. Combined with amazing clean, crunch, and lead channels; independent control; and 5-way foot switching capabilities, they can instantly transform your sonic profile.


Features & Specs





TSL100 & 122TSL60 & 602
  • 100W all-valve power
  • 4x Svetlana EL34 power valves
  • 3 independent channels for Clean, Crunch, and Lead.
  • Mid Boost Switch on the Clean channel
  • Tone Shift on the Crunch and Lead channels
  • Deep Switch adds extra low-end resonance
  • Separate Reverb for Clean and Crunch/Lead channels
  • Virtual Power Reduction
  • Power Amp Mute switch
  • 2 parallel effects loops
  • XLR output with speaker emulation
  • 5-way LED footcontroller

TSL122 Combo also includes:
  • 1 "Heritage" custom Celestion 12'' speaker
  • 1 "Vintage" Marshall Celestion 12'' speaker
  • 60W all-valve power
  • 2 Svetlana EL34 tubes
  • 3 independent chan-nels each with volume and gain controls
  • Independent EQ on Clean channel
  • Shared EQ on Crunch/Lead channels
  • Dual reverb controls
  • Parallel effects loops with level selection
  • XLR output with speaker emulation
  • Deep switch adds low end resonance
  • Tone Shift on the Crunch/Lead channel
  • 5-way LED footswitch

TSL602 Combo also includes:
  • Dual 12" "Wolverine" custom Celestion speakers