Tech Tip:Small Hands, Big Sound

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Lui Chaun; Taichung City, Taiwan


Q: I have noticed that my hands are kind of small compared to a lot of other guitarists. I can stretch out my hands to about 5 frets and 6 max, although 6 frets is too long to be able to play smoothly. I am full grown so my hands won't get any bigger.


I am just wondering if this will hurt my guitar playing in any way. I have been playing for a year and a half so far and I don't have any problems yet; I'm just wondering if there are certain advantages or disadvantages to having smaller hands than most people.


A: I believe we adapt with the tools we have. Bigger hands may have an easier time playing in the first few frets but they would have more difficulty playing in the higher frets that are closer together and this is where a large percentage of leads are played.


Randy Rhodes had small hands and was a tiny person (I think 5'2"). He seemed to have no problems. At times you may want use different chord voicings to make it easier to play. The guitar is a great instrument for offering many ways to finger chords which will compensate for any size hand.

So, no worries, just keep rippin' those strings up!!



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