Tech Tip:Sustaining My Notes

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The following tips for aspiring guitarists are courtesy of John McCarthy of The Rock House Method, publisher of video lessons for musicians at every skill level.


Brian French; Canada



Q: How do I make notes sustain on an electric guitar? They seem to just stop sounding after I pick them.


A: Well there are a few ways to make a note sustain or sing after being picked. The first way is to add distortion to your sound. This can either come from a distortion or overdrive effect pedal or directly from the amp. Most amps have a distortion or gain knob that when turned up creates that fuzz distortion sound that will make your notes sustain.


Another way to sustain a note is by using natural vibrato. By quickly shaking a note with your finger you create friction with the string against the fret and this makes the note sustain longer. Developing a natural vibrato can take some time so be patient.


Hope this helps!


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John McCarthy
Rock House