Hands-On Review:TRAP - The Rhythmic Arts Project

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Drumming Through Barriers

By Greg Geisman


Pearl TRAP Percussion Packages

The grooves that make you move can also help to heal you—drummer Eddie Tuduri is living proof. Eddie had a burgeoning music career working with major rock artists when his life was instantly changed in a body-surfing accident in 1997. Totally paralyzed for a time, as soon as sensation began returning to his hands he did what any serious drummer would do—he asked for a pair of drumsticks.


While hospitalized, Eddie found that making rhythms was very healing and, with characteristic generosity of spirit, shared his discovery with other patients in the ward. Soon he had an entire "band" of accident victims and people with chronic diseases and disabilities playing enthusiastically along with him. It was evident to both the staff and patients that these impromptu rhythm sessions seemed to improve skills like patience, coordination, and short-term memory skills.


By the time Tuduri left the hospital—walking out on his own after six weeks—he was the head of a bona-fide program that was helping people with a wide range of mobility, speech, and developmental disabilities. Since then TRAP has mushroomed to include nearly 40 facilities in eight states, and countless in-home applications using the Parent TRAP which is designed to enhance home schooling and therapies for kids.


TRAP uses percussion instruments to aid in learning concepts like counting, learning left from right, colors, shapes, and so much more, plus it is FUN! A step-by-step exercise book is included with each package to explain how to implement the program.


Pearl Drums has enjoyed a two-year alliance with TRAP committing their considerable manufacturing and marketing powers to the project. The various Pearl TRAP percussion packages are ideal for organizing ongoing therapeutic drumming sessions in clinical, institutional, or home settings. Learn more by visiting www.traponline.com.


TRAP Percussion Pack:

  • 10 Fun Drums
  • Fiberglass Shekere
  • One pair of Beaded Maracas
  • Clave Block with Gock Block Holder
  • Tambourine
  • Egg Carton 6-Pack with 18 Egg Shakers
  • Basket Ganza Shaker
  • Primero Bongos with Stand
  • Primero Dual Cowbell Beater
  • TRAP Program Guide and DVD/CD

Parent TRAP Percussion Pack:

  • 2 Fun Drums
  • Egg Carton with 3 Rhythm Eggs
  • Clave Block with holder
  • Cowbell/Block Beater
  • Tambourine
  • TRAP Program Guide and DVD/CD