Tech Tip:The Rich Brown Sound for My Amp

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Leo Chuan; Beijing. China


Q: Can you suggest an amp setup to achieve that rich brown sound with some versatility?


A: Before purchasing an amp, determine your requirements. Do you have a band? Are you planning to perform live? If so, an amp with some power would be helpful. If not, a smaller amp with great tone will work well too.


There's a bigger decision to consider regarding amps, such as tube vs. solid state. Many are loyal to tube amps, but there are some disadvantages. A new set of fresh tubes can rip it up, but they lose sound as they age. I tend to use a high-end solid-state amp, especially for live performances. However, technology is advancing rapidly and today it is possible for solid amps to sound like tubes, while they are more reliable and don't lose sound as they age.


Your best bet—head to your local music store, test your guitar on the various amps, and hear & feel the sound. This will help you make the right decision for your needs.



Hope this helps
John McCarthy
Rock House