Tech Tip:Tips for Standing Up to Play Guitar

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Jeremy McGee; Anaheim, CA


Q: Do you have any tips for standing up to play guitar? I've been practicing a long time sitting down but now I'm in a band and find it hard to play some things standing up.


A: Yes, it is a tricky thing to play standing up. A few things that may help are:


  • Keep your guitar strap adjusted so your guitar is not too low. If your guitar is around your knees it may look cool but it will be much harder to play. Start with it pretty high then move it down a little at a time as you get more comfortable standing up.


  • Keep your guitar on when you are doing things around the house. I used to have my guitar on when I did everything!! This will make it feel like second nature when you go to play with your band.


  • Practice walking while you stand up with the guitar. You have to be mobile on stage so you should start to move right from the beginning. After all, no one wants to go see a band live that looks like four statues standing on stage!!


Before you know it you will be running around and whipping your guitar up in the air like a guitar god.



Hope this helps,
Yours in Music
John McCarthy
Rock House Guitar