Tech Tip:Wellness Drumming

Group drumming, an ancient ritual practice of indigenous peoples, is finding a foothold in our modern technological world. People are discovering that group drumming and individual "heartbeat" drumming are more than just entertainment. They are activities that promote health and well-being, both psychically and physically.




As indigenous cultures have long understood, drumming can connect one with the tribe, with one's inner self, and with the greater world spirit. Drumming is an expression of our shared heartbeat, and to become a part within a larger rhythm is a soul enlivening and healing experience.




The truth of drumming's healing effect has found support in recent studies showing that drumming has several measurable positive effects on the body. Drumming can boost the immune system, promoting the production of NK cells which help the body resist viruses and cancers. Drumming can also reduce stress and promote meditative alpha wave states in the brain. But you don't need scientific proof to know that drumming can be good for you. Just attend a drumming circle and you'll come away feeling refreshed, centered, and more connected with yourself, others, and the world.