Tech Tip:What is Low Action?

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Frank Manzik; Anaheim, CA

Q: I have been reading reviews and when people talk about a guitar setup they talk about how they have a quick or low action... could you describe what the action is and why it is important?

A: Simply put, the action is the height of your strings off the fretboard. The average string height is 3/64" but I like my action right down to the fret wire or as close as I can get it, although many people prefer the action higher. You set or adjust your action at the bridge, usually by a screw on each side of the bridge. Tele bridges are different and the action is lowered for each individual string at the saddle.

Once you change your action, you'll need to check your intonation to see if an adjustment is needed there as well. By changing the action, the intonation usually changes as well.

Hope this helps!

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John McCarthy
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