Hands-On Review:WolfPak Drum Bags

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The new leaders of the gig bag pack

By Mike Fitch
Musician’s Friend Staff Writer


To keep your drums safe and sound on the way to the gig and back, at  some point you’ll be faced with a fundamental question—gig bags or hard  cases? Both options have their advantages, but with the new WolfPak bags  you now have a third option that combines the convenience of a bag with  the superior protection of hard cases.


I’ve found that until you’ve actually hauled your drums around under  real-world conditions a few times, you can’t fully evaluate the  functionality and design of bags. With this in mind, I obtained a set of  the new WolfPak gig bags to try out.


Saving your skins


Hard cases are hard to beat for protection against damage during  heavy touring, and ATA-rated flight cases are considered the best option  when transporting your drums in the cargo hold of an airplane.


If, however, like most of us you’re a working player who transports  your drums to club dates in a car, you should consider gig bags. Gig  bags are lighter and less bulky, and when I’m in a hurry I can carry my  entire four-piece set (not particularly gracefully) from my Honda to the  club in gig bags by putting the straps around my arms and shoulders. As  for offering protection to my drums though, while regular gig bags are  better than nothing, they’re far from ideal. So far I haven’t had major  problems, but I hate to think what could happen if one of my drums got  dropped.


A brand-new bag


I tried out the WolfPak Premium Drum Bag Set and the matching Premium Snare Drum Bag by carting my Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau drums around town to several  club gigs. When I transferred my drums from my old gig bags to the  WolfPak bags, one advantage became apparent—the WolfPaks’ rigid  structure keeps them open while you put your drums in them, making it  much easier to bag ’em up, especially the bass drum. With my old bags it  was always an awkward dance to hold the bass drum bag open with one  hand while I wrestled the drum in. With the WolfPaks you just ease it in  like with a hard case—very handy. Another thing I like about the  WolfPak drum bags is that they’re easy on the upholstery in my car. Hard  cases can thrash your interior and snag on things, so if you’ve got a  nice ride, it’s a consideration.


The long carrying straps made carrying the drums a cakewalk. As with  my old gig bags, I was able to loop the straps around various parts of  my body, enabling me to carry much of my kit in one trip. Just pick up a  good wheeled hardware case to add to your WolfPak bags and you’re in  business.


Different animal


WolfPak bags provide an alternative to traditional drum bags,  offering lots of protection and stylish looks. Red pinstripe designs and  the WolfPak howling wolves logo add some flash to the exteriors.


The secret to the shell design is the use of a unique polymer that  provides durability and protection while staying light. This  ultradurable shell is covered with tough, specially backed DuPont  Cordura nylon for added resistance to weather, scratches, and dents.  Over an inch and a half of fabric-covered foam keeps your drum enveloped  in soft padding, cushioning it from sharp blows.


WolfPak bags’ plush black interior faux-fur lining cradles your  drums’ finish in luxurious and protective comfort. Rounding out the  features are glow-in-the-dark size indicators handy for breaking down on  dark stages, and longer strap handles for convenient carrying. On the  top inner surface of the lids you’ll find another thoughtful feature—a  specially designed interior mesh pocket for holding extra drumheads.


Wolfpak drum bags are built to serve for many tours of duty, and the  sturdy construction makes it unlikely that you will need anything  replaced. In the event you do have a problem, though, you’re covered, as  a lifetime guarantee is included.


Hungry like the wolf


Whether you’re a professional musician or student, you hunger for  cases that are lightweight and durable. WolfPak bags satisfy the most  demanding appetite for quality at a pocketbook-friendly price with their  innovative design and advantages over conventional wood or fiberglass  instrument cases.


If you’re in the market for drum cases, you should definitely check  out WolfPak. If you’re already running with “the pak,” you know that  they’re a sound investment for any working drummer.


Features & Specs

Premium Drum Bag Set

  • 22" x 18" bass drum bag
  • 10" x 9", 12" x 10", 16" x 16" tom bags

Premium Snare Drum Bag

  • 6-1/2" x 14"