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Synthesizers and samplers just may be the most versatile musical instruments ever created. With a sampler's ability to totally transform the sound of individual audio samples, or a synth's ability to whip up original new sounds from scratch, virtually nothing is off-limits. Combine that versatility with a passion for music almost 40 years in the making, and you've got Rob Papen software synths & samplers software. Papen brought his high standards with him when he branched out into this field, recruiting a crack team of top-notch programmers to develop software that was worthy of bearing his name - and the results speak for themselves, with a state-of-the-art selection here to choose from. The all-star performer in the Rob Papen software lineup has got to be the Sub Boom Bass Virtual Synth Software Download. Loaded with a host of presets designed by Papen and a number of guest artists, it combines synthesis, sampling and sequencing into one amazing package built to power up the low end of any track you care to record or edit. Looking to get the high frequencies taken care of, too? In that case, check out some of Rob Papen's more general-purpose options, like the BLUE II Software Download or the Predator Analog Style Virtual Synth Software Download. How about spoiling yourself with the entire library of Rob Papen plug-ins, all at once? You can easily get your hands on the whole collection with the Rob Papen eXplorer Bundle III Software Download. It comes with all 11 plug-ins, including every Rob Papen synth and sampler as well as the range of standalone effects plug-ins that were derived from them. This multi-purpose bundle gives you everything you need to create tracks from start to finish, taking full advantage of Papen's legendary synth expertise while you're at it. Whether you're a professional studio engineer, a musician looking to enrich your songs with added virtual instruments, a purely digital artist from the ground up or something else altogether... as long as you want to make music (or make music better) in the on-screen environment, this is the place to start. Rob Papen software synths & samplers software stand as great examples of what virtual instruments are capable of when the hands that make them are as skilled as the ones that use them.

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