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Exploring the seemingly endless range of sound libraries, loops and refills available for immediate download is what makes being a modern music producer so fun. In the studio or at the club, these collections cover countless genres and you don't need to look any further than IK Multimedia's catalog for proof. Since 1996, IK Multimedia has been dedicated to re-creating legendary products for the digital world, and their sound libraries, loops and refills boast a high level of sound quality and user friendliness. From drums and percussion to synths, pianos and acoustic stringed instruments, IK Multimedia has everything you could ever ask for in sound libraries, loops and refills. Speaking of percussion, IK Multimedia offers a software download here that was designed in collaboration with one of the greatest drummers of our time. The ST3 - Neil Peart Drums Software Download is a sound and groove library for SampleTank 3 that includes 2,000 drum samples and over 800 audio grooves played by the legendary Rush drummer himself. With every nuance of his performances captured with 8 velocities per drum using sometimes up to 8 round robins per velocity, it's easy to see why this software download is a top seller. Another popular package to spark your creative production skills is the ST3 - Power Up Library Software Download. Featuring 4 multis, 20 instruments and 80 MIDI patterns, this download gives you everything from minimal beats to punchy rhythms in the styles of hip-hop, trap and electro funk. When your beats need a boost, this collection is the remedy for the rhythmic inspiration you need. And your sound libraries, loops and refills from IK Multimedia don't end there. You'll even come across grand piano software that was recorded by influential producer-engineer Alan Parsons, as well as authentic sounds from blockbuster Hollywood movies. There's simply no way to tell how far you can broaden your production horizons when you're armed with sound libraries, loops and refills from IK Multimedia.