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A staple in batteries across the country, the sousaphone is basically a tuba that was designed to be easier to play while marching. Simply put, the sousaphone is one of the most essential instruments in marching bands, and learning how to play one takes plenty of dedication and practice. For this reason, every sousaphone player should own a stand for their instrument so they can always have it close by when they're ready for a practice session. Fortunately, today's top manufacturers of instruments specialize in sousaphone stands that are solidly built to give your music maker more than enough support when it isn't with you in the drumline.

For a perfect idea of what kind of terrific sousaphone stands can be found in this section, you don't need to look any further than the Hercules Stands DS551B Sousaphone Stand. Lightweight and extremely easy to set up, this compact stand features locking pins and a center knob, tripod legs for extra stability and heavy duty tubing. Additionally, its folding upper yoke boasts Specially Formulated Foam rubber to protect your sousaphone's finish. Grab one today and you'll find out quickly why the Hercules Stands DS551B Sousaphone Stand is a top seller.

The sousaphone is meant to be held in a standing position - so why not keep it in that position even when it's out of your hands? Obviously every musician should own a case for their instrument (especially for travelling to and from rehearsals and performances) - but when you've dedicated yourself to mastering the sousaphone, you shouldn't be expected to store it away between your performances. It only makes sense that you'll occasionally want to show off your skills and be proud to display the instrument for others to see, and these are just two of many reasons why stands are such great accessories to own.