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Fender is nothing short of a legend in the guitar industry. Having pioneered the electric guitar and bass designs that we know today along with some of the original amplifiers, they've had an impact on the music scene that no other company can match. It was Fender's commitment to quality and innovation that got them where they are today, and that commitment shows through in the quality of everything they produce, including a wide selection of strings. For the acoustic guitars in your collection, check out Fender's lineup of bronze and phosphor-bronze strings. No other material can make an acoustic sing quite like these tried and tested standards, and Fender offers them in an assortment of gauges and scale lengths to fit your particular instrument. They've also got some nylon strings to choose from in case you're looking for a more classical sound.

Electric guitars like the Telecaster and Stratocaster are Fender's claims to fame, and you'll find that reflected in their strings, with plenty of choices on offer for your axe. If you want to go vintage authentic, look into some pure nickel strings like the 150L Originals. Those strings, as well as the nickel-plated steel ones, come in standard and bullet-end varieties so you can find the right type for your instrument.

Fender created the modern electric bass, so it's no surprise to find plenty of strings here for that instrument, too. If you prefer your bass acoustic, though, you're still covered with the phosphor bronze 7060 and 8060 strings or the 9120 nylon tapewound bass strings. Nickel-plated banjo strings and several types of mandolin strings round out the lineup, giving you Fender string options for the entire guitar family.

When it's time to re-string your Fender or Squier, these are the perfect strings to keep it playing just like the first time you picked it up. They're also solid replacement strings for any other guitar or bass you might play. With Fender strings on your instrument, you can be sure it will sound great at every gig.