Student Violins

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In the world of classical music, the violin reigns supreme. For this reason, it's really no wonder why so many younger band students take interest in the instrument. Learning how to play the violin is as challenging as it is rewarding, and choosing the right one for your aspiring student is crucial to their enjoyment and progression. The good news is that today's selection of student violins is loaded with affordable models that look, play and sound fantastic. In fact, this section is full of violin outfits that contain not only the instrument itself, but all the essential accessories a budding violinist needs to kick off their musical journey.

If there's one thing that can be said for younger music students, it's that they love having an instrument unlike anybody else's. As you browse, you'll find that many student violins are available in a variety of fun, eye-catching colors that will make any student violinist excited about playing. For example, the Stentor Harlequin Series Violin Outfit comes in your choice of blue, black, purple and pink finishes. Additionally, this outfit is paired with a lightweight case and wood bow. In other words, this entry-level violin is a best seller for more than one reason.

Bellafina is another respected violin manufacturer, and they have plenty of top-notch student violins here that deserve a closer look. Need a suggestion? Go with the Bellafina Prodigy Series Violin Outfit. Together with a case and bow, this violin is built for the young musician who demonstrates remarkable talent for their age (aka: a prodigy). While you're at it, check out the Cremona SV-500 Series Violin Outfit. This popular seller has a solid spruce top; solid maple neck, back and sides and a lightweight tailpiece. Simply put, the SV-500 is just another great option for any young violinist with big ambitions.

Along with the examples above, you'll find student violins from leading manufacturers like Silver Creek, Etude, Knilling and countless others. It should also be noted that most student violins are available in numerous sizes (1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 4/4). Sizing needs to be taken into consideration before you make a choice - after all, some beginners have smaller arms and hands than others. Your best bet is to ask an experienced musician for guidance - and when you're ready to make a choice, remember that the perfect student violin for you or your youngster is waiting right here.