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About The Loar:

The 1920s and 1930s were an exciting time in guitar and mandolin craftsmanship, and thanks to The Loar, musicians today can enjoy those innovative instrument designs as well. The Loar's inspiration comes from the beautiful instruments that were constructed during that Golden Age period, and it clearly shows in every stringed instrument they create. Combining beautifully-carved tonewoods with upgraded features, The Loar's impressive line of archtops, small body acoustics and mandolins have a look, feel, and sound that will satisfy any discerning player.

The greatest guitar luthiers look to the past as much as they do the future, and a perfect example of that thought process can be found throughout The Loar's entire catalog of instruments. Just take a look at the LH-3319-VS Archtop Acoustic Guitar. The Loar's expert team of crafters carefully placed dual P-90 pickups on the ideal spots of the guitar for perfect sound and versatility, and the result is a guitar that has a crisp and articulate treble response. Additionally, the LH-3319-VS sports a mahogany neck that has the traditional V-profile that fans of the classic Golden Age instruments will be familiar with, and also boasts open-geared Grover butterbean tuners to add to this instrument's vintage vibe.

Now for those who are looking for a mandolin, feast your eyes on the LM-520. This hand-carved F-model acoustic mandolin was made in response to the requests of players who wanted a stripped-down version of The Loar's best-selling LM-600 mandolin. Assembled with careful precision, the solid maple neck boasts a comfortable rounded V profile that's finished with a rosewood fretboard, and the vintage-style Grover tuning machines make for top-notch intonation while always keeping you in tune.

When the instrument you're playing was built by a team of experts who are just as passionate about playing as you are, the results are sure to be brilliant, and proof of that can be found in any one of the instruments from this section. By paying homage to pioneering designs while taking full advantage of modern enhancements, it's safe to say that The Loar will continue to lure musicians from all walks of life for many years to come.