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Luna Guitars believe that everyone should be able to enjoy playing an instrument and that's why they created a full line-up of stunning travel and mini acoustic guitars. With exceptional quality in scaled-down designs, these guitars are appreciated throughout the world by children, people with smaller hands and musicians who need to travel light on the road. In addition to first-rate craftsmanship, Luna guitars feature exquisite engraving, accenting and vibrant colors to ensure each instrument is also a work of art. These guitars are sure to be a beautiful addition to your instrument collection.

Luna Guitars was founded by stained glass artist Yvonne de Villiers who has a passion for making instruments that look as beautiful as they sound. By focusing on distinctive colors and intricate detailing, each Luna guitar has its own look and personality. Their line of travel and mini acoustic guitars offer something for everybody, whatever your needs and playing ability.

When narrowing down your decision, it's always helpful to check out some of Luna's best-selling options. The Muse Safari Series 3/4 Dreadnought Travel Acoustic Guitar features a sleek mahogany body with laser etching around the soundhole for added dimension. As well, the convenient 3/4 size makes it an ideal travel companion and the included gig bag will keep your instrument safe in a car or tour van. If you're looking for even more stylish flair, the Aurora Borealis 3/4 size Acoustic Guitar features a bright pink frame and attractive moon phrase fretmarkers. It's compact size and petite cutaway body is ideal for younger students, but has the same graceful look and feel of larger models. Another sensational option is the Safari 3/4 size Travel Guitar with Peace Design. Featuring the word 'Peace' engraved in numerous languages throughout the mahogany body, this guitar looks as beautiful and engaging as it sounds.

Luna Guitars offer exceptionally crafted, eye-catching designs at affordable prices to musicians in every genre of music. Whether you're a student, a travelling musician, or a casual user who entertains at house parties, these guitars are a wonderful choice that look as lovely as they sound.