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While artistry is essential to any great performance, a solid rhythmic and tonal bedrock is a necessary starting point for all good music. Accurate pitches and beats are necessary for practicing, recording and performing - whether solo or in a group - and Peterson is an industry leader in equipment for each of those jobs. For almost 6 decades, Peterson has been designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art tuners and metronomes to help musicians of all levels achieve accurate pitches and beats.

No matter your budget or needs, Peterson has an accessory to help. If you're looking for a way to make your existing tuner more accurate in noisy environments, the Peterson Suction Cup Tuner Pickup is for you. Compact and easy to use, this accessory is a dynamic microphone that suctions to your instrument and plugs into your tuner to isolate vibrations. It's ideal for getting an accurate tuning anywhere, even if other ensemble members are warming up in the same room.

Are you looking for a more convenient way to keep track of the meter during practice or on stage? If so, the Peterson BodyBeat Sync BBS-1 Wireless Pulsating Metronome is what you need. This ingenious metronome can transmit the beat through sight, sound or feel and can store up to 100 user presets, including tempo, accent patterns and more. It can even be wirelessly synchronized with other units, so every member of your band or ensemble can consistently keep the beat.

When only the most precise tuning will do, the Peterson Strobe Center 5000-II Tuner is the way to go. This unit has 12 strobe displays that allow for hands-free imaging of note pitches, harmonies and overtone frequencies all at once. It has 12 strobe displays and can even tune chords to get your whole group synchronized in no time.

Whether you're a solo guitar player or band leader, Peterson's selection of metronomes and tuners has you covered. From simple at-home tuning to synchronizing the beat for dozens of ensemble members, you can get in tune and on the pulse in no time with the right gear from Peterson.