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There's no other instrument quite like the ukulele. Although it looks like a miniature guitar, it has a sound that's completely unique, managing to be incredibly musical yet honest and simple at the same time. Hearing a ukulele can bring a nostalgic smile to anyone's face, and in the hands of a skilled player, some truly jaw-dropping performances are possible. How can an instrument like that get even better? By joining forces with a world-class luthier, of course. Take a look at these Fender ukuleles and you'll see just how much a work of art the humble uke can be.

There are plenty of stellar soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles in the Fender lineup, so you won't have any problem finding the type you prefer to play. Of course, nobody would hold it against you if you decided to collect them all, either! For a new player, the U'Uku Soprano Ukulele is a good place to start: this small, easy-to-play uke has a mahogany body that delivers brilliant, full and rich tone.

Some of Fender's ukuleles are acoustic-electric models, which are perfect for the performing artist. After all, let's face it: no matter how good you are, the ukulele is a quiet instrument. But an acoustic-electric gives you the option to connect to an amp or PA system, and then it's quiet no longer - you could even use your favorite effects units with it if you like. A great example of an acoustic-electric is the T-Bucket Ukulele. Visually and tonally, the T-Bucket is a work of art, and it's just as beautiful on the inside, with high-end Fishman electronics for amazing sound quality.

There are people out there who think that ukuleles are instruments for kids. Are you ready to prove them wrong? If so, a Fender ukulele is the first step to doing just that. These are well-crafted instruments built for real performers, and when you take one out on the stage, the makings of a great show are right there in your hands.