Warwick Corvette Basses

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About Warwick Corvette Basses:

The Corvette Pro Series bass guitar is a Warwick classic, identified at a glance by its contoured body and prominent upper bout. It is available in three styles, Corvette Bubinga, Corvette Ash and Corvette $$. Ash is a medium-grained light-colored wood whose resonant properties have made it a favorite in electric guitar construction for decades. Bubinga is a dark, reddish brown wood with purple or black streaks, and as part of the mahogany family, it also boasts great resonant properties. The Corvette $$ model features an ash body.

All three basses come with an ovangkol neck. Ovangkol is a beautiful, reddish brown wood with broad grain patterns that appear on the bass as darker stripes. Nickel/chrome hardware including a two-piece alloy bridge completes the elegant look along with the Corvette’s sleek, rounded profile. The Corvette Pro Series is made in Germany.

You’ll be able to find the sound you want for any style of playing in the Warwick Corvette. All three basses are available with either active or passive electronics. Play with lightning speed, impeccable clarity and a feather-light touch on the active models, and in passive mode, dig in and find the tonewood’s true voice.

The Corvette $$ has the most elaborate electronics setup of the three, with dual MEC MM-Style humbuckers, each with a three-way mini switch that selects between series, parallel or single coil. Control knobs include bass and treble controls along with volume and pickup blend. On the Bubinga and Ash basses, the center knob is a pan pot that blends the neck and bridge pickups, always with the same output, adjusting only the relative blend between the two pickups. The rearmost knob is a stacked pot with bass and treble control, and the volume pot on the active models features a push/pull pot that engages the active electronics.

24 Jumbo nickel/silver frets are laid into the wenge fingerboard with Warwick’s legendary manufacturing precision. The Warwick Corvette features Warwick’s Just-A-Nut III, a fiberglass-strengthened polymer that displays an outstanding laboratory- and stage-proven ability to transmit vibrations. The Just-A-Nut III is also highly resistant to breakage, and is easy to adjust for optimum playing height. Another popular neck feature is the illuminated fret markers on the side of the neck. In low light or darkness, you always know where you are with a Warwick Corvette. The absence of fret markers on the fingerboard contributes to its streamlined appearance.