Warwick Thumb Basses

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About Warwick Thumb BO Basses:

The Thumb BO Pro Series bass guitar is one of Warwick’s most popular models. It is German-made and features an ovangkol body and neck with a wenge fingerboard. Ovangkol is a beautiful, reddish brown wood with broad grain patterns that appear on the bass as darker stripes. Nickel/chrome hardware completes the elegant look along with the unique Thumb Bass profile.

Electronics on the Warwick Thumb Bass BO are extremely versatile. First, the volume knob has a push-pull potentiometer that switches between active and passive. The center of the three knobs is a pan pot that blends the neck and bridge pickups, always with the same output, adjusting only the relative blend between the two pickups. The rearmost knob is a stacked pot with bass and treble control. In active mode, play with lightning speed, impeccable clarity and a feather-light touch. In passive mode, dig in and find the Thumb BO’s throaty growl.

24 Jumbo nickel/silver frets are laid into the wenge fingerboard with Warwick’s legendary manufacturing precision. The Thumb Bass BO features Warwick’s Just-A-Nut III, a fiberglass-strengthened polymer that displays an outstanding laboratory- and stage-proven ability to transmit vibrations. It is also highly resistant to breakage, and is easy to adjust for optimum playing height. Another popular neck feature is the illuminated fret markers on the side of the neck. In low light or darkness, you always know where you are with a Warwick Thumb BO. The absence of fret markers on the fingerboard contributes to its streamlined appearance.

Warwick Thumb BO basses are often praised for their fast action, excellent balance, and light weight, and as such they are an excellent choice for the professional. Popular with jazz bassists, working professionals and studio musicians, the Thumb BO consistently finds itself in the hands of discriminating bassist all over the world. It is available in four, five and six string versions, fretted or fretless. Instead of a wenge fingerboard, the fretless models feature tiger-stripe ebony.