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You'd be hard-pressed to find a guitarist who isn't familiar with the solid look, feel and tone of a Yamaha acoustic guitar. For decades, the company has introduced new exciting instrument lines that have since found a place in the history books of exceptional guitar workmanship—including the popular 700 Series. With that in mind, if you loved Yamaha's 700 Series of acoustic guitars, you're going to be blown away by the stunning 6- and 12-strings found in their new 800 Series. From folk models to cutaway acoustic-electrics and even left-handed dreadnoughts, the Yamaha 800 Series makes it crystal-clear that their team of luthiers is dedicated to anyone who aspires to play the guitar. In fact, this catalog is loaded with best sellers and top-rated items to suit every taste, skill level and budget.

Yamaha FG acoustic guitars have been impressing amateur and professional musicians since the early '60s and you'll find plenty of gorgeous models in the 800 Series. To kick off your search, take a look at the FG830 dreadnought. Featuring a new scalloped bracing pattern, this guitar has excellent durability, terrific sustain and a strong sound in the low- to mid-ranges. Or, maybe you're in the market for a new 12-string—in which case, check out the FG820-12. This dreadnought also has an improved bracing pattern and produces a twangy, robust tone that's ideal for folk rockers and even solo performances.

Speaking of performing, every guitarist with live aspirations should consider grabbing an acoustic-electric. These guitars contain built-in electronics to amplify your instrument's natural characteristics and the Yamaha 800 Series has more than one that deserves your attention. Firstly, there's the FSX820C Acoustic-Electric Guitar. The petite body and cutaway shape makes it perfect for singer-songwriters who want easy access to the upper frets, while the on-board System 66 electronics give you 3-band EQ, adjustable frequency controls and a chromatic tuner. While you're at it, turn your attention to the FGX820C; its high-quality woods and cutting-edge electronics will have you reaching for it often—especially when it's time to hit the stage and put on an unforgettable show.

By replacing the 700 Series with the 800 Series, it's obvious that Yamaha is constantly trying to better themselves and give everyone a chance to experience the feeling of playing music on a beautifully-crafted instrument. Rest assured, your choices go well beyond the amazing guitars mentioned above, so by all means dive in whenever you're ready and start exploring the rest of this selection. With a name like Yamaha, you can always expect a high level of sound quality and playability and their 800 Series is certainly going to go down in history as one of their all-time greatest guitar lines.