Yamaha MODX Synthesizers

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About Yamaha MODX Synthesizers

In September 2018, Yamaha released MODX series synthesizers. MODX synths replaced the MOFX line. The Yamaha MODX series includes the MODX6, MODX7 and MODX8. Yamaha MODX synths are a more portable version of Yamaha’s flagship Motif synths. Yamaha MODX synths (pronounced “mo-dee-ex”) combine two key technologies, Advanced Wave Synthesis and the 8-operator FM-X engine.

Advanced Wave Synthesis (AWM2) offers 128-note stereo polyphony and eight times more waveforms than its predecessor. The 8-operator FM-X engine has 64-note polyphony and Motion Control Synthesis, plus 88 algorithms, frequency envelope generation and more.

Yamaha MODX synthesizers also have 4-part Seamless Sound Switching and up to 27 simultaneous effects. They also have an onboard 4-in/10-out audio interface and 768MB of internal flash memory. The Yamaha MODX6 has 61 synth-weighted keys, while the MODX7 has 76 synth-weighted keys. The MODX8 has 88 Graded Hammer Standard action keys.