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About Yanagisawa:

In the diverse world of saxophones, it can be tough to know you're getting the best instrument for your hard-earned dollar. That's why it's so nice to have a manufacturer like Yanagisawa on your list of options. A family-owned company that's been around since 1893, they've consistently delivered amazing saxophones year after year, never settling for second-best and always working hard to revolutionize the build process for their instruments. If you've been looking for a sax that's truly world-class, you're in the right place to find it whether you play soprano, alto, tenor or baritone.

To start your search through the Yanagisawa lineup, take a look at the 900 series instruments, such as the Model S-901 Professional Soprano Sax. Vibrant, light and well-balanced, they make a perfect entry point into the professional level of saxophones. Going one step further, you'll come to the 990 series and instruments like the T-991 Professional Tenor Saxophone. These are the mainstream pro choices from Yanagisawa, with the widest range of options so there's something for every musician. If you're looking for the best of the best, you'll also want to check out the 9930 series. Some examples from this ultra-premium line are the A-9935 Silver Series Professional Alto Saxophone and B-9930 Silver Series Baritone Saxophone.

Along with their excellent instruments, Yanagisawa offers an impressive selection of mouthpieces. You'll have your choice of traditional hard rubber, like the Yanagisawa Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece, or metal options including the Yanagisawa Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece and Metal Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece. These are the perfect way to customize or upgrade any saxophone in your collection, whether or not it's a Yanagisawa instrument.

There's no big secret to what makes Yanagisawa saxophones so sought-after: it's the natural result of more than a century of hard work and dedication, combined with Japanese attention to detail. From mouthpiece to bell, nothing is overlooked when one of these instruments is designed and built. They set the standard that all professional-grade saxophones should aspire to, with a look and sound that absolutely belong at the top of the industry.