Primacoustic Broadway Broadband Panels with Straight Edge - 1x24x48 (6 Count)  

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Designed to treat bothersome reflections between the sound source and the listener.

Broadway Control Columns from Primacoustic present an attractive, easy to install solution for acoustic treatment where you want to control primary noise reflections, eliminate flutter echo, and reduce standing waves.

Made from high-density fiberglass, Control Columns have a 1" depth and are designed to be positioned in arrays to treat bothersome reflections that exist between the sound source and the listener. The acoustic panels are typically spread across a wall surface leaving space in between each panel. This allows some of the sound energy to reflect back into the room so as not to completely deaden the space. This helps control acoustic problems while leaving a sense of 'air' or natural ambiance.

The Control Column's long narrow design is reminiscent of a historic Roman pillar making it an ideal compliment the most demanding architectural designs. Control Columns are an excellent choice for studios and home theaters and also provide a cost-effective alternative for larger spaces such as music practice rooms, dance studios, fitness centers and classrooms to reduce the reverberence.

Broadway Mounting Options
These sound absorbing panels may be mounted in various methods to suit your specific application. In addition to using typical screws and adhesives Primacoustic has developed a series of impalers (sold separately) to provide the installer with a simple, quick, and effective method of mounting Broadway acoustic panels onto walls without causing serious surface defacement.


  • High-density noise absortion panels
  • Effectively controls primary reflections
  • Easy to install on practically any surface
  • Attractive Roman Pillar design
  • Simple mounting system anyone can do
  • Perfect for all types of installations
  • Easy to relocate without marring the walls
  • Choice of wall, corner, and offset impalers (sold separately)

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