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Holding down a continuous beat is one of first things a drummer learns how to do. However, another crucial element of drumming is understanding how to utilize the cymbals. By incorporating cymbals into certain aspects of a song, a drummer has the ability to completely change the music's overall mood and tone. Within this section you'll find some of the top cymbal brands and types, allowing you to find exactly what you're looking for.

These days there is no shortage of superbly crafted cymbals, manufactured by well reputed and recognizable names. Companies like Sabian, Paste, Meinl and Zildjian are all trusted and respected throughout the drum world, thanks to their commitment and dedication to constructing incredible cymbals that are both durable and high in quality.

For a crash cymbal that explodes with astounding precision, the Zildjian K Kustom Hybrid Crash cymbal contains an innovative yet traditional surface that produces various tones depending on where the cymbal is played. Highly responsive and versatile, this cymbal is a great choice for both live shows and home studio recording. In the ride department, the Paiste 2002 24" Big Ride was made in conjunction with Alex Van Halen. Paiste has been a part of Alex Van Halen's unmistakable drum sound since 1983, and the 2002 Big Ride has a silky ping, along with a rich, full bodied sound that covers a massive array of dynamics.

Learning where to use cymbals in a song is an important step towards becoming a great drummer. For example, a crash cymbal has a loud but brief sound, so they're typically used for creating the occasional accent. Rides, on the other hand, shimmer with more sustain than crash cymbals, which makes them useful for maintain a steady rhythm. Of course, once you understand these fundamentals, you can then work towards creating your own signature style based on your unique set of influences and technique. And rest assured, you'll have no problem finding what you're looking for, right here.