Sabine AX3000 Contact Chromatic Auto Tuner   

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Mounts right on your instrument, works from direct vibration.

The Sabine AX3000 contact tuner features the innovative MagnaPad for mounting right on your instrument so it's always at your fingertips and in clear view! The MagnaPad is a 21st century material with a phenomenal ability to stay put, yet it releases with a twist. It works just like a magnet. Pull the AX Tuner straight up and the tuner won't budge. Give it a twist and the tuner comes right off.

When a music note is struck the chromatic AX3000 responds instantly, displaying the note and holding it longer for easy tuning. It grabs low notes all the way down to the bottom end of a 5-string bass, and high notes on mandolins. The new MagnaPad magnifies the note for the contact mic and the Sabine's super-fast tuning circuit beams the note's status to the three-color LED display. This unique IndiColorâ„¢ LED display combines the note indicator and sharp/flat indicator into one easy-to-read display. Each LED flashes yellow for flat, red for sharp, and green when you are in tune, and the flash rate indicates how far the note is from in-tune.

This contact chromatic tuner features Sabine's superior tuning algorithm and works for all stringed instruments including electric and acoustic guitars, basses, banjos, violins, mandolins, dulcimers, etc. The AX3000 features a built-in, cordless contact mic, a 3-color LED display, auto-recalibration, and a hardshell DomeHome case. Includes a long-life lithium battery and a 2-year warranty.


  • Direct mounting with MagnaPad
  • Works for all acoustic and electric stringed instruments
  • Chromatic
  • 3-color LED display
  • Auto-recalibration
  • Hardshell case
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