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Product 440062

Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal   

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The debut of the indestructible Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal was nothing short of a revolution in bass pedal technology. Every adjustment d...Click To Read More About This Product

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Quick and quiet as a cobra.

The debut of the indestructible Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal was nothing short of a revolution in bass pedal technology. Every adjustment drummers have ever wanted”and many they've never even thought of”is incorporated into the radical design. The Power Glide features a double-chained offset cam which increases power and speed as the beater reaches the end of the stroke for dynamic live music performances. It also offers the silence and sensitivity needed for professional studio recording.

  • Tons of adjustment flexibility
  • Super-quiet, super-smooth action
  • Peerless durability

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Most Liked Positive Review


Good action, but screws don't stay tight

After considerable research, I found the Iron Cobra to appear to be the most solidly constructed pedal among its peers. Operation is smooth and the level of adjustment is terrific. I like the...Read complete review

After considerable research, I found the Iron Cobra to appear to be the most solidly constructed pedal among its peers. Operation is smooth and the level of adjustment is terrific. I like the solid, heavy baseplates and the big spike assembly on the slave pedal.Unfortunately, I?ve been having a lot of trouble with the linkage and, at times, the beaters coming apart during play due to the screws loosening. Virtually all screws involved in the linkage have loosened, but the most critical point is at the universal joint. I am tightening all screws before play, as far as they will go without potentially sheering off the lug heads. On the beaters, I?ve attached the Tight Locks, and those have rattled off along with the beater screw. Tama?s linkage design appears to be par for the course with every other manufacturer I?ve looked at, so I doubt this is a problem that is unique to Iron Cobra. I?m simply dismayed at all the engineering effort that goes into making pedals smooth and adjustable, but the most critical part ? the linkage between pedals ? is left with an unreliable screw-pressure attachment! Why can?t a more positive locking mechanism be implemented? At the very least, lock washers of some sort could be used. On the universal joints, I think that something like a cotter pin should be used to ensure that the joint stays attached to the pedal.One other annoyance ? the aluminum shafts on the linkage become seriously gouged through adjustments and tear down for fitting into the case. I understand the desire for a lightweight design, but it sure seems like steel would be the better choice here. I anticipate having to replace the aluminum shafts at some point in the future.Even with these faults, there doesn?t appear to be anything on the market with a more solid design. Currently, I have to reach down and make sure that about 10 screws across the linkage and beaters are tight every 3-4 songs I play. Not fun! I am a pretty big guy at 6? and 235 lbs and I do hit pretty hard, but this is ridiculous! I am about to the point of using some Lock Tight on all screws, but then that defeats the compact break down of the pedals.


Most Liked Negative Review


Good pedal, but could use some fine tuning

The Iron Cobra is one of the best pedals out there. It's very durable and is adjustable from just about every angle. I've had mine for about two years now and the only problems...Read complete review

The Iron Cobra is one of the best pedals out there. It's very durable and is adjustable from just about every angle. I've had mine for about two years now and the only problems I've had is that ever since I really started to play it for metal purposes, the slave pedal started squeaking. It's not a huge "we'll have to re-record that entire song" squeak, more of an annoying red headed step child squeak. Along with that, the only other problem I've had with it is that the slave pedal doesn't have as much rebound as the main pedal. I've tried tuning everything on it to try and fix it, but have had no luck. Anyway it is great for beginning drummers who want to get up to some pretty reasonable speeds, but it has its limits. Overall, It is a definite buy if your looking for a great double pedal that can take abuse and still keep going, though I recommend an Axis pedal if you already have a background in double pedal playing and are looking to increase your performance.

Reviewed by 288 customers

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Why I chose Power Glide pedals...

By Fluffy Ehiask

from 22 Acacia Avenue-Iron Maiden

Hoenstly, the reason I chose them was because they were suggested to me. I am definitely not displeased. I have tried 3 different dual pedals, from a cheap, single chain, non adjustable PDP one as my first to the DW series and finally to Iron Cobras. I know a lot of people say that DW9000 is better, but seriously, play a Power Glide. It's the SMOOTHEST of all pedals that I've ever played (I want to try out Axis, just to be sure...) and it's got a great price.DW9000s play like you're wading through butter.Iron Cobra Power Glide is adjustable to anything, you can move the beaters, tighten or loosen the springs, change out everything, even raise and lower the footboard (which I'm sure you can do on other pedals), and it plays like you're zipping through air-seriously, they feel so good... they just feel natural, and I've only been playing for 4 years... I can do sixteenths at 245 bpm (almost 1000 strikes per minute.)As a side note, I DID go 260bpm and faster with the PDP, but I stopped practicing for a while and am gaining that back. Power Glides are definitely helping.Another good thing? These came straight outta the case, brand new, and I didn't have to adjust them. I did adjust after a month or two... or more... just to get it a bit smoother, but seriously, I wouldn't be playing much different if I hadn't.Pros-outta the package playability, adjustability, price, etcCons-haven't found a single one!


One Word.....EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!

By pickles-oPBiW

from Undisclosed

I bought them about 3 months ago and they blew me away! its fast and gives you that quiet studio sound to the bass drum. I have tried other pedals but none of them were as good as the Iron Cobras! Its a little pricey but hey after a hard days practice its worth it!



By halluci(näte)

from massena, ny

I'm pretty sure I wrote a review on this six years ago when I bought it, and six years later I'm still very much satisfied with them. I never once had to replace a part, nor did they fall apart during live play. Tama literally is the strongest name in drums.



By DrumTip

from Augusta, GA

I've been playing on this pedal for about 8 years now and i've been playing drums for about 12 years. I play alot of different styles and I have to say I am impressed with this pedal. It is very smooth and cheaper than most high-end pedals. I do, although, have a few complaints. Adjusting the pedal can be a pain especially if you are replacing parts. My pedal is getting relativly old and it definetly is sounding like it. The footbaord on the right pedal has come loose and the it makes allot of noise when played. This is a very smooth pedal but let me assure you, there are smoother pedals such as Axis or DW 9002.What a lot of people don't understand is that how fast a person goes is not determined by the pedal. How smooth and consistant you hit is determined by your pedal and how much energy you need to put in to go at cetain speeds.My maximum playing speed is around 1200bpm (I really don't care if you call me a liar), so I do know what I'm talking about when it comes to playing fast and playing smooth. Don't assume that just because you buy a fast pedal it means that your going to play fast or that if you buy cheap pedal you will be slower. Speed is determined by how fast YOU can go.Overall these are very good pedals especially for a finacially challeged drummer. I recomend these pedals highly although not as highly as Axis or Dw9002. And as a side note most people don't realise that you don't need a longboard pedal to play heel-toe.

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Awesome sauce!

By TJ-03hu7

from Undisclosed

Iron cobra is awesome! If your thinking about getting it, STOP! GET IT! its worth the money, I got one over a year ago i have not touched a single thing on it. It allows fast double bass and is very durible. I upgraded from a cheap no name brand double peddle to these and it was night and day. GET THIS! ITS WORTH IT!


buy this thing.

Okay so i just got this thing for christmas, its amazing! its so smooth and its fast my only complaint about this pedal is that its VERY bouncy and if you take your feet off too fast you're very liable to get smacked by the returning beater it doesn't really hurt or anything its just a mild annoyance. I love this pedal and recomend you get it. Wanna play fast hardcore? buy this thing.


It's Allright...

By G-Man-ulS4J

from Indiana

I personally used this for a few songs during a gig last fall. Gotta say this is NOT worth the money. It was an all right pedal but it was VERY bouncy and it comes with the circular beaters. I think square beaters are the way to go. The circualr beaters to not make full contact all at once with the bass drum. If your looking to spend this kind of money, go with the DW 9002. Its only a little bit more but it comes with 100x the features. I bought the 9002 and will never go back. NOT WORTH THIS KIND OF DOUGH!!!



By Nateedogg.520

from Douglas,AZ

well i stuck with a pdp double pedalfor about 2 years and i came up withenough green for this MONSTER the ironcobra is all about speed.its quality isjust outstandind you would be makinga HUGE mistake if you do not buythis pedal.


Aint nothin' wrong with mine

By Halfmastdrummer

from a black hole

I got the left handed version 3 to 4 years ago and they are still kickin' just as good as the day I got them. Tighten her down real good and keep em' clean, that's all. I'm thinking I'll get the right handed version and connect my lefty's slave pedal right up to it and put my bass drum in the middle! I digg em'!


Iron Cobras

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

THE LOW DOWN ON THE COBRAS.For chain drive pedals, it doesn't get much nicer than these. They're smooth, responsive, portable, and easy to play. They've served as a great asset to my drum set for the year I've been playing them.However, there is one downside for chain drive pedals in general; When you reach your maximum tempo range, your muscles eventually end up becoming too tight to produce a quality sound. The emphasis this pedal puts on your legs is up in your quadriceps, just like all other chain drives. It seems at times with the Cobras that you'll be playing the pedal itself, rather than the drum. If you upgrade to a direct drive, however, such as the Axis and Trick pedals, the muscle emphasis rests within your calves and your ankles, which helps to evenly distribute the amount of pressure it takes to create a good, quality stroke, even at extreme tempos. The truth; for serious metal players, you need a direct drive pedal. I recommend the Axis AL2's, and the Trick Pro 1-V's. But until necessary, the Iron Cobras are a great developmental tool for climbing up the tempo ladder.

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