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Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal

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The debut of the indestructible Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal was nothing short of a revolution in bass pedal technology. Every adjustment d...Click To Read More About This Product

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Quick and quiet as a cobra.

The debut of the indestructible Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal was nothing short of a revolution in bass pedal technology. Every adjustment drummers have ever wanted”and many they've never even thought of”is incorporated into the radical design. The Power Glide features a double-chained offset cam which increases power and speed as the beater reaches the end of the stroke for dynamic live music performances. It also offers the silence and sensitivity needed for professional studio recording.

  • Tons of adjustment flexibility
  • Super-quiet, super-smooth action
  • Peerless durability

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Most Liked Positive Review


Good action, but screws don't stay tight

After considerable research, I found the Iron Cobra to appear to be the most solidly constructed pedal among its peers. Operation is smooth and the level of adjustment is terrific. I like the...Read complete review

After considerable research, I found the Iron Cobra to appear to be the most solidly constructed pedal among its peers. Operation is smooth and the level of adjustment is terrific. I like the solid, heavy baseplates and the big spike assembly on the slave pedal.Unfortunately, I?ve been having a lot of trouble with the linkage and, at times, the beaters coming apart during play due to the screws loosening. Virtually all screws involved in the linkage have loosened, but the most critical point is at the universal joint. I am tightening all screws before play, as far as they will go without potentially sheering off the lug heads. On the beaters, I?ve attached the Tight Locks, and those have rattled off along with the beater screw. Tama?s linkage design appears to be par for the course with every other manufacturer I?ve looked at, so I doubt this is a problem that is unique to Iron Cobra. I?m simply dismayed at all the engineering effort that goes into making pedals smooth and adjustable, but the most critical part ? the linkage between pedals ? is left with an unreliable screw-pressure attachment! Why can?t a more positive locking mechanism be implemented? At the very least, lock washers of some sort could be used. On the universal joints, I think that something like a cotter pin should be used to ensure that the joint stays attached to the pedal.One other annoyance ? the aluminum shafts on the linkage become seriously gouged through adjustments and tear down for fitting into the case. I understand the desire for a lightweight design, but it sure seems like steel would be the better choice here. I anticipate having to replace the aluminum shafts at some point in the future.Even with these faults, there doesn?t appear to be anything on the market with a more solid design. Currently, I have to reach down and make sure that about 10 screws across the linkage and beaters are tight every 3-4 songs I play. Not fun! I am a pretty big guy at 6? and 235 lbs and I do hit pretty hard, but this is ridiculous! I am about to the point of using some Lock Tight on all screws, but then that defeats the compact break down of the pedals.


Most Liked Negative Review


Good pedal, but could use some fine tuning

The Iron Cobra is one of the best pedals out there. It's very durable and is adjustable from just about every angle. I've had mine for about two years now and the only problems...Read complete review

The Iron Cobra is one of the best pedals out there. It's very durable and is adjustable from just about every angle. I've had mine for about two years now and the only problems I've had is that ever since I really started to play it for metal purposes, the slave pedal started squeaking. It's not a huge "we'll have to re-record that entire song" squeak, more of an annoying red headed step child squeak. Along with that, the only other problem I've had with it is that the slave pedal doesn't have as much rebound as the main pedal. I've tried tuning everything on it to try and fix it, but have had no luck. Anyway it is great for beginning drummers who want to get up to some pretty reasonable speeds, but it has its limits. Overall, It is a definite buy if your looking for a great double pedal that can take abuse and still keep going, though I recommend an Axis pedal if you already have a background in double pedal playing and are looking to increase your performance.

Reviewed by 288 customers

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By RockinForHim-ts5e9

from Lansing, MI

See all my reviews

This pedal is excellent. It's completely adjustable to anyone's taste of setup (except the cam which is as far as I know, only adjustable on the Pearl Eliminators). It's really heavy duty. This thing wont break. The threads won't strip. It has great response. It's not only good for metal drumming. Double Bass is practical in nearly all genres of music. It's an amazing pedal. A lil expensive, but worth every penny


Stepping On Clouds

By FrozenSun700

from Pittsview, AL

See all my reviews

This peddle is worth every penny. I have owned this peddle for a year now and it works wonders. I also purchased the Hi-Hat stand not much longer after getting this product and it just makes everything feel so much smoother with these two. It feels like a cloud when you place your foot on top of the pedal. You become a floating drummer. I love this pedal and I recommend it to every drummer that's breathing right now. IT ROCKS!!!


top quality pedals

By cubanito

from california

These pedals are freakin awesome! They are fast smooth and powerful. I was blown away by the sheer weight of them. This is not a bad thing though because they will not move all over the place when your using them like some other pedals I've used including DW 7000 pedals. Underneath the base plates are rubber plates with ridges that are safe for floors and provide extra grip. The cobras also come with these cool little weight balancers to put on the beater shaft. I put mine on the very end closest to the beater for maximum impact sound. I cannot wait to try these at our next band practice! Definitly worth the weight and cash!


Best pedal ever


from Richmond, VA

See all my reviews

I'm in love this the Tama Iron Cobra chain drive pedal. It's the best, no doubt about it. It's the smoothest pedal I've ever played on. You'll be amazed at how much more you can do with this pedal. No joke!


Incredible! Best pedals I have ever used!

By CoyoteWildfire-jZLWu

from Macedon, NY

Smooth, quiet, swift, powerful. Need I say more? Seriously, these are the best pedals that have graced my feet.


buy this thing.

By wiggawugginator2222

from PA

Okay so i just got this thing for christmas, its amazing! its so smooth and its fast my only complaint about this pedal is that its VERY bouncy and if you take your feet off too fast you're very liable to get smacked by the returning beater it doesn't really hurt or anything its just a mild annoyance. I love this pedal and recomend you get it. Wanna play fast hardcore? buy this thing.


Best Double Kick Out There

By ICDrums22

from Baltimore

I have tried DW pedals, toyed around with axis (complete trash) and tons of others, nothing can come close to the speed feel and the durability of these pedals, the axis are quite fast but are just utter trash and break, these are high quality, affordable pedals, that any drummer, especially heavy stuff, should have, use, and praise.


sad I found it

By Mark DiMeolo

from Leroy, Ohio

I bought one of these a couple months back, and it is by far the best double bass pedal I've ever played. A buddy of mine has a dw9000, which is good but is kinda of flimsy and not as fast. Sadly it was stolen from me, and I'm scared to buy another cause I don't want to lose it again.


Best ive seen must buy it right now or tommrow

By Johny Tapiea

from Ga

I am using this pedal and im just blown away by its responce. its such a good pedal if your a new drummer id recomend getting this because dont waste 168 on the Jr just spend that little bit extra cash and get it youll love it same with pro level drummers


glideslike a breeze

By SGs_r_the_best

from Colorado

See all my reviews

I only recently bought a set of my own (again) so I've been used to playing on my friends set, with Pulse double bass pedals. Another friend of mine has these pedals, and after i played on them one time I never went back to the Pulse ones. These are incredibly smooth, fast, and loud. I measured at 240 bpm on the pulse pedals, and 285 on these ones!Unless you're on a budget, these are the pedals for you.


Best Pedal


from gainesville, GA

See all my reviews

The best pedal!!! The best deal. Would recommed to anyone.



By No more Tama

from Delaware

I was never overly pleased with the Iron Cobra bass pedal. The screws started falling off shortly after I got it. I did not think the action on the second pedal was ever up to speed. To top it off after less than two years of ownership the pedal broke. The metal broke right off the base plate. The warranty does not cover this or anything after 1 year. I have always played DW products and I gave Tama A chance but I will stick to what I know best from now on. I will play a product that can stand up to professionalism.


the best pedal around

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

hey im the 13 year old drummer for mindless mischief and i just recently purchased the iron cobra last year and its allowed me to play with more speed and duribility then eney other pedal on the market i have to go through alot of 16th note double bass in some of our songs and this pedal is GREAT but i wouldnt recomend it for a bigginer becouse if its your fisrt you wont realize how b a it is!!


Amazing pedals

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

These pedals are the best I have ever played. Pearl eliminators come close, but they don't quite have the feel that the iron cobras do. Before I bought these pedals I had been using double strokes with a single pedal to play fast bass parts. Double strokes is not a technique these pedals like doing. The foot plates are heavy and the beaters transfers A LOT of power to the drum heads, making it so the beaters don't bounce back right away. This makes it so that you need to use both pedals to play fast bass parts, but when both pedals are used no other pedals come close to the speed of the iron cobras. These pedals are NOT for beginners because they are hard to setup due to the infinite adjustments, and you need to play with just your feet and not your whole legs to get the full range of these pedals. These pedals aren't for everyone so try other pedals before you buy these and don't let the price bother you because they are worth every penny.


It broke...

By R-Lxikf

from CA

I must admit that the first time I played one of these I was amazed. But then I decided to buy one, and when I got it the right pedal kept coming down farther then the left. I kept following the directions to adjust the beater angle and finally after a week or two, I noticed that the metal around the angle adjuster had cracked in two. If you are looking for a good pedal, save some extra money and go with the dw 9000.


Great pedal, smooth reaction

By Rythmanic

from N/A

The Iron Cobra pedal is great, smooth reaction, and adjusts to the drummers preference.


pretty sweet

By metaldrummer258

from Hamilton, Ohio

first off i read reviews all the time and they help me on makeing choises so im going to go into this with as much detail as possible.....ok so the pedal is great like if you play metal this is the pedal for you and this is why... because of the power glide system you dont have to work as hard to make the same amout of noise.....this pedal has all the adjustments that you need... all tho it does take a long time to find what you like...if you like your pedals really tight this pedal might give you problems you can tighten the spings all the way and its gives you that tight feel but just not tight enough but that can be sovled by buying new springs....thats if you like your pedals like super tight i know people that on with the rest of the pedal i really like it because its super smooth and really quick...for me its a little difficult to do heel toe on it for some reason idk why.... i notice when i play fast that my foot tends to slide alot if im whereing shoes or not but you can buy drum shoes or you can put grip tape on the pedals or you can buy drum socks...all these will solve that thing i dont like is the beaters because they are really light so i switched to dw beaters they are much heavyer plus on the tama beaters theres just felt side.... like on most beaters you have a plastic or rubber side to them but these dont you can buy wood and rubber tama tyle beaters tho but they cost out the butt....this is a really awsome pedal tho its deffintly worth the will just have to cosomize it how you personally like it just like with all drum equment...i hope this review helps


smoothest ever to touch your feet

By Metalhead_s13

from Los Angeles

See all my reviews

this pedle is the best. this peadal helps you go as fastest as u want to go. u can adjust it any way u want. and really recomend this pedal its the real deal whenu try it out for ur self u'll know what im talking about.


Iron Cobras

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

THE LOW DOWN ON THE COBRAS.For chain drive pedals, it doesn't get much nicer than these. They're smooth, responsive, portable, and easy to play. They've served as a great asset to my drum set for the year I've been playing them.However, there is one downside for chain drive pedals in general; When you reach your maximum tempo range, your muscles eventually end up becoming too tight to produce a quality sound. The emphasis this pedal puts on your legs is up in your quadriceps, just like all other chain drives. It seems at times with the Cobras that you'll be playing the pedal itself, rather than the drum. If you upgrade to a direct drive, however, such as the Axis and Trick pedals, the muscle emphasis rests within your calves and your ankles, which helps to evenly distribute the amount of pressure it takes to create a good, quality stroke, even at extreme tempos. The truth; for serious metal players, you need a direct drive pedal. I recommend the Axis AL2's, and the Trick Pro 1-V's. But until necessary, the Iron Cobras are a great developmental tool for climbing up the tempo ladder.

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Awesome sauce!

By TJ-03hu7

from Undisclosed

See all my reviews

Iron cobra is awesome! If your thinking about getting it, STOP! GET IT! its worth the money, I got one over a year ago i have not touched a single thing on it. It allows fast double bass and is very durible. I upgraded from a cheap no name brand double peddle to these and it was night and day. GET THIS! ITS WORTH IT!

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